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  1. @TMP, @AP, @telkanuru - thanks all for your concerns. Happy new Year! I am still trying to figure out if I want to pursue a PhD or not. I would love to continue doing research on the fields that interest me (in particular urban history) and contribute scholarship, teach students, etc. I am very influenced by these two professors that I had in college and would love to inspire students to think critically about urban history as a legitimate field of inquiry. But I am aware that academic jobs are hard to come by. That's why I think getting a one-year Master's would be a good way for me to confir
  2. @telkanuruI've explained above that my true passion lies in history. I never mentioned anything about really wanting to go back to academia. I'm still on the fence about getting a PhD in history and commit to further studies. The MPhil is good because it's only one year of intensive study, I would commit to a more rigorous inquiry of methods, historiography etc that my previous institution did not focus on, and the MPhil would be a good springboard for DPhils or PhD should I decide to go in that direction.
  3. I guess I'm not really sure what you're trying to insinuate here.
  4. Thank you for the succinct responses! Yes, I've lived in London for a year and the living expenses were crazy high. I'll keep that in mind.
  5. Hey, thanks for your answer. I actually am working in education policy right now (my first year out of college) but my true passion lies in history.
  6. Hello there, so I am applying for Fall 2018 admission to both the MPhil in American History at Cambridge as well as the MSt in US History at Oxford. I come from a Top 5 US institution with a very high GPA, won a thesis prize/departmental honors in history. I decided to apply to Oxbridge about a month ago as I have been really on the fence about pursuing a PhD in history (given the uncertainty and the insecurity of the job market for PhD candidates) but thought it would be worthwhile to do a year's worth of graduate study to confirm for myself if I want to pursue further studies. I have a
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