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  1. Hello there, There are four tips I can give you. First, you need to avoid the "running through your resume/cv" process in your statement of purpose. This particular essay is meant to illustrate your preparedness, interest, goal, and independent. Thus, ask yourself these questions: 1. Why PhD? 2. Why research? 3. Why am I interested in the topic/field of study? Second, focus on building or revolving your experience to your statement of purpose. The three above questions should allow you to develop some sort of a story. However, the first two should be implicit or unders
  2. Very good profile. You need to focus on your statement of purpose and you should be fine. If you have an interest in PhD, you should apply as well.
  3. One more thing, your thesis sounds like the sub-topic within AI on plasticity/evolutionary with neural networks. Take a look at NEAT developed by Stanley (University of Central Florida; he's not longer a professor there but it is worth taking a look at).
  4. Since you are at a new school, focus on building relationship with professors quickly. You need a minimum of 3 LORs and try your best to get one publication out asap. By the way, I think your GRE score is great, especially your writing score. I think you will be able to get into at least one of your interest schools and get funding as well. With the GRE out of the way, you can simply focus on LORs, SOP, and a publication. My tip for writing your SOP is to focus on a research topic that you are interested about. You can talk about what you did but use your experience to build a story that
  5. The second. But you should reach out to both in my opinion. I heard you can be a member of multiple labs. Good luck
  6. Any idea on how does the school determine if one is underrepresented? Since I am an immigrant with parents making on the lower end of income and I was recently naturalized, would I be underrepresented? I am only asking for others to know if they qualify in the future.
  7. Hello, I have 2 years of experience in cloud computing and HPC. I would recommend reading their documents online and checking out examples and containerized software on docker hub. Now, it is best to distinguish between a VM and a container to learn what a container is... VM requires a hypervisor to emulate, you can think it as more hardware intensive with the benefit of security. A Container operates on top of the OS and thus, eliminating the hypervisor layer and it is essentially software oriented. One great benefit is that software rules the hardware. Container can easily be replicate,
  8. Yeah..., 99% of applicants wish for such a score.
  9. Hey man, Much love to you and please do not see yourself as a failure. You need to get a different job. I am not sure if a PhD is good for you by the way and let me explain. I am similar to you. I did not go to a good college for my undergrad and yet, I decided to apply to various PhD programs and got accepted to 2/5 and still waiting on the other three schools. Both schools are of R1 while my undergrad institution is not ranked at all. So yes, I am very happy. However, my decision to embark on the PhD journey is not due to money nor fame. I want to learn more about the brain, how we lear
  10. If you can retake the GRE, give it one more shot. However, get that paper out/published ASAP! It will help and focus on your SOP.
  11. Hey there, I do not have a proper source for you but I can provide a general idea that may help you. First, you should be able to quickly crank out a simple web page and with a search bar via java script. Then, create a back end and fill it with a bunch of relevant sources. I would recommend those sources be PDF files of research articles. Now, when storing such files, you can have their abstract as a feature of their entry in the database. With the abstract, you can experiment with query search via deep learning. For training files, I would recommend reading up on information query
  12. @GeorgiaTechPhd Thank you for your inputs! I would also like to know if what I put on github matters at all?
  13. Hello there 🙂, I'm seeking to apply for Computer Science PhD next fall. Here are the list of questions that I have : Does it matter if I have research experience on a different topic than what I'm interested in? I am interested in ML/NLP but most of my experience was done on cloud computing I have written multiple research papers but most were from individual studies. Only one is currently being reviewed for publication, I am unsure whether if it will get published tbh. Does my non-published papers matter and is it a good idea to list them on my CV?
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