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  1. Thank you! I checked my portal. It’s still nothing there. Did they mention that they took three students in the email if you don’t mind me asking? I hope I could still get a place on the waitlist.......
  2. congrats!!!! How did you get notified? Did you get an email from the department or graduate school? I haven’t heard from them. I thought they’d send out all the admissions at the same time.
  3. i get rejected by UNC, but I’m just curious if they hosted a virtual visit before giving out the offers. Thanks!
  4. I agree with both of you and it’s so nice to see there are so many other Chinese students out there studying classics. I hope you two get into the programs you want. It calms down my constant worry of choosing a wrong major and ending up alone. MA is better than postbac considering of funding and what you can learn. And some programs just focus on improving your languages such as New Mexico. I think it’s a good idea to email your professors or advisor ask for a list of good MA programs. I know it sounds kinda terrifying, but I’m sure they won’t mind and are glad to help.
  5. Archaeology students were told to get the results by the end of last week (interview was two weeks ago), but still haven’t heard back from them yet really wondering what’s going on the wait is tortuous
  6. Congratulations on your admission to Boston and Chicago! I’m going to interview with Duke in March too. Duke is my only hope now lol do you mind if I ask which university is your top choice now?
  7. Same I expect I would be rejected long ago but still hurt when I received the news
  8. Just received a email from Yale to check my portal and found out I get rejected not surprised tho good luck to everyone else!!!
  9. i received a general rejection email from graduate school office, i applied to art and archaeology department tho
  10. Also rejected by Princeton yesterday I hope I wouldn’t get any more rejection letter this week....
  11. I’m sorry that’s possibly the worst thing could have happened but I hope you will get a better offer
  12. Received rejecting letter from BU yesterday. They even typed my name wrong in the email....
  13. Hi I’m almost in the same boat as you. I’m a Chinese and not from a rich family as well. If I were you, I feel like the best option would be going to a fully funded master. Post bac is totally not worth it. I think with your background it’s not hard to get offer from funded MA programs. Two years of Ancient Greek and Latin is enough for classics master program. I have three years of Latin and one year of Greek, and I took a few classes in ancient history and archaeology. I get accepted by both funded MA programs I applied to, Texas tech and Florida State. I know u of Arizona, Texas tech, tufts
  14. Thank you for replying me! I was so excited about the chance of me getting accepted. That makes sense. For IPCAA, I actually pretty sure they are gonna choose 3-4 out of all 8 people invited. I also know there is a waiting list for IPCAA if it helps anyone here.
  15. Also since everyone is sharing here I would feel bad if I don’t hahaha I got accepted to MA in classical archaeology at FSU and rejected by UCB and UNC I also have an interview for Duke good luck every one!!! I know the waiting is very hard but just try to keep positive sometimes it may be better without an offer you it gives you a chance to find your new interests or paths for yourself and that maybe better (at least that’s what I tell myself and my friend)
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