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  1. i am on the same boat... i've applied to 13 schools and interviewed with three schools. One rejected me after the first round, another waitlisted and then rejected me, and the other one gave me a really good offer but this school is my absolute backup school. I have been in contact with my top choice program's coordinator since late january and he implied that i was pretty high on their waitlist so there is hope of getting an offer (without an interview!) but it's been over a month since i started talking to him and it's driving me nuts... I am refreshing emails like crazy and need to stop...
  2. anyone else waitlisted? it's worse knowing that i am waitlisted i currently have one offer and two waitlists..... and one of the waitlists is my dream school. he just told me that I am second on their waitlist but I have no information on how many offers have went out in total and how many have accepted and how many are pending..... i just wish i could know what would happen!!
  3. anyone else on unofficial/implicit wait-lists? this is so frustrating
  4. I wouldn't ask whether your application was received or is still under review if you haven't heard anything yet unless you have outstanding offers. If you have outstanding offers, feel free to do it, but otherwise it will just seem annoying.
  5. I completely agree.... Ive been super stressed checking emails and gradcafe results and now all these forums. My interviews were in early january and nothing nothing since except that i might have interviews coming.. i do also think that whatever happens its fine.. if it doesnt work out then its not meant to be!
  6. Any accounting applicants? i have 99% gmat and 3.9 gpa (from a us school) and been in practice for the past few years. I applied to 13 and heard back from two which I think will give me an offer but my top choices said that i am first on their wait list for interviews / first on their secondary list. i dont even know how secondary lists work like do they extend offers to their primary group then ask me to interview me? They didnt even let me know how many were in their primary group and how many offers they are extending... :(
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