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  1. I know beggars can't be choosers, but I'll admit I'm slightly peeved about my peer mentor. He didn't email me first, I had to email him, and he still hasn't emailed me back. I'm giving him time, but I'm also peeved because I realized the interest we got paired up with is because of LGBT history. Which I am interested in and mentioned in my personal statement, but the things that I'm most interested in are indigenous history and language preservation, as well as archaeology (which is new, I'll admit). My program is hella small and I acknowledge that the things I'm interested in are very niche,
  2. My program (and the undergrads) at Colorado State University is planning to be fully in person except for the last two weeks of the semester, where the entire school will be going online.
  3. I know that for my program (Public History MA at Colorado State University), they're expecting to hold classes in the fall and the GTA position that we received are secure, along with the benefits. I've been really worrying so I was glad to get more information.
  4. Hey all, I hope I'm posting in the right place! So I'm going to be attending Colorado State University's Public History program in the fall, with a concentration in Cultural Resource Management. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out if I should take a class that we (incoming first years) were told is probably only going to be offered this fall - Material Culture. The problem is, I don't know who my advisor is or anything, and I'm not sure if I should take it for CRM or not. Does anyone have any thoughts on if I should take it or not? The problem is is that it would count as 1 out of
  5. MarkySharky

    Boulder, CO

    Unfortunately I can't offer any insights on national banking, but if you want a Colorado-based (mostly CO, but I think they also are in NM, CA, and AZ) bank, go for FirstBank. They're honestly the best bank in my opinion, I've had them my whole life. They offer 24 hour customer service (which I have tried out, and it's excellent), they are SUPER on it for fraud - my dad's card has been compromised a couple times (in the past 5 years) and about within 15 minutes of getting the charge they call him to ask if he's trying to buy x thing in y place. The only downside is that they're mostly CO based
  6. Guys!! I got an update on my CSU app!!! It says, "your department has recommended a decision to the Graduate School. You will receive a final decision within two weeks." Can anyone explain what this means to me? Does it mean they've accepted me?
  7. I am still waiting! It doesn't help that I found out that the applicants to the program I applied to are supposed to hear back basically this week (or possibly next). I just want to k n o w for gosh's sakes! It's driving me absolutely nuts!
  8. Same advice as the other, it sounds like school 1 might be a better fit. To put a long story short, I kinda had a similar experience to yours - except mine was just a campus visit. I had been told to meet with a certain professor who was apparently awesome, so I did, but the way she acted towards me (dismissive, like I didn't know what I was interested in, etc) completely turned me off from the entire program (along with a couple other things). Family and support systems are extremely important, but what matters too is what you want to do in life - it is entirely possible to keep having your s
  9. Congrats! I'm not a Fort Collins native (from Denver) but I visited a lot last year and I also am waiting to hear back on my application to CSU! So I mainly know more about the nature side (pros of dating a forester) - there's a LOT of nature-y things to do in Fort Collins. There's Rocky Mountain National Park, Horsetooth Reservoir, the Poudre River, so the best place to visit just kinda depends on when you're visiting. Old Town is a really fun place to go and walk around, there's a lot of good restaurants in Fort Collins. I recommend going to Waltzing Kangaroo - they're Australian meat
  10. When do y'all think is a good time to email the program coordinator about the timeline of the application process? I applied for an MA program Feb 1, and basing it off of the 3 posts about the school I applied to on here, most people got a response first week of March. I'm mainly just going a bit nuts - the status page hasn't changed at all beyond "your application is ready for review by your department". It's my top school, and they seemed extremely interested in me (when I visited I got told I was an excellent candidate, the coordinator emailed me out of the blue the day before the deadline
  11. I applied to CSU as well! I'm not doing the Museum specialization though - I decided to do Cultural Resource Management instead. I'm going NUTS trying to wait to hear!
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