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  1. I am accepted from some universities but still on waitlist of my best one. Because I have to make a decision, I want to know if applicants on waitlist are usually accepted or rejected before 4/15th. And if the university where I am on waitlist doesn’t inform me whether I am accepted or not until 4/15th, what action I should do for the universities I have admitted? Can I postpone the decision?
  2. Hello, I got admission to one of the universities I applied to. But it said I have to wait before funding for me is permitted. Actually, it means I am on the waitlist regarding funding. I have thought that I just have to wait before the decision about my financial support is made. Because I will not be able to attend without funding, I think I should not accept the offer yet. However, one of my American friends said I have to accept the offer in order to be funded. I think it is weird. But he is an applicant for a Ph.D. program and an American unlike me, so I have become worried about my
  3. When there are some reports that some got admissions from the same department of the same university and No email has been sent to me, does it mean that I am rejected? Because there are some results on the page which I really want to be mine, I have felt the real anxiety these days. Also I want to know there are some effect on the admission-offer-date from the fact that I am an international student. I haven’t had any faith and I have always worried about my parents who devote to their religion, but I started to stop by Catholic church everyday, since I can’t overcome this pres
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