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  1. Hello, I am thinking of applying to Social/ Personality or Developmental grad programs this fall and I am concerned that my experience is scattered. I am also worried about the fact that I don't have any real publications. I have also been out of school for 2 years working at my University in their Career Center. Do I even stand a chance or will my other qualifications help me? My Qualifications: GPA: 3.94-graduated Magna Cum Laude GRE: 315, 153Q, 162V, and a 4 for the writing Worked as a Camp Cousnelor for a Summer Treatment progam Did field work with a Clinical Professor that was si
  2. Hello All, I took the GRE last fall and got a 153Q, 162V and a 4.5 on the writing. I really want to get my Ph.D. in psych but I'm worried that my quant score is low. I don't want to get into a top ten school or anything but is that score too low to be considered for smaller programs? My undergrad GPA was a 3.9 with a 4.0 in my major. Will this make up for it? Thanks!
  3. Hello, So I have an upcoming interview/ visiting day. The interview is with my undergraduate institution so I probably shouldn't be so nervous but I am. I'm kinda shy. Right now I am scheduled to talk with several faculty members during the morning and that is what is making me nervous. I know I will be talking to my POI which is fine since I've worked in his lab and known him for quite a while but I'm also meeting with several other professors. I'm unsure what to talk to them about because I applied to the social psych program but I am also meeting with professors who specialize in areas s
  4. Everybody has a lot of great thoughts. I'm just so frustrated because I feel like I should have made it through that GPA review. I worked my butt off for a 3.9 and I also have three years of experience in a social psych lab. Oh well I'm sure there are lots of other applicants who have really good experience too. Its just been hard to stomach that I didn't get a single invitation for an interview. I just hope it all works out for the best. As MSW12 hopeful said sometimes opportunities come about that you didn't even know were there.
  5. Hello everyone! So has anyone else been given the silent treatment. I applied to 9 social psych grad programs: 8 Ph.D's and 1 Masters. I am going crazy because I have only heard back from one school and that was my undergrad institution which is also my safety school. Don't get me wrong I loved my undergrad school and my potential mentor would be really amazing but I really really want to hear from other places. Right now I am worried that all the silence means I'm rejected from all the other schools which is an incredibly soul crushing thought. I've seen a few rejections and intervie
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