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  1. Just one more month for this semester to be over. Oh boy!

  2. First month of grad school almost over. How time passes by so fast :/

    1. nugget


      Sometimes it passes too slowly and sometimes too quickly for me, depending on what stage of the program I'm in.

    2. k_angie


      Oh well Jenste, I already have exams and book reviews and tons of research papers to write. Sigh. So much to do and so little time!

  3. Its almost a month since I checked it out but I hope you did receive your admission letter from SOAS. If you havent yet received it then good luck
  4. Well dont worry you shall be fine. Though yes, i came across this thread sometime ago here which mentioned how Anthropology is somewhere in the area of psychology which I found pretty weird. But then what do i know. King's and Edinburgh are good too. Though if i may ask, why are you specifically applying to only UK and not other places as such?
  5. You know you are very lucky. My friends who got their acceptances in December, still havent received their student ID or official letter. My official letter came a week ago. So well you dont need to worry. Even though they declared your result on 1st April ( how weirdly cool is that ) but really all jokes apart, dont worry. Plus yes ScPo wont take your visa queries. Actually they will but wont be a great help. So you should direct them to Campus France Paris or the one based in your country. In any case, stop worrying.
  6. Okay first the thread began in October 2013. Irrelevant but still. Also you are in for SOAS. Dont worry. Your profile is good though the only thing that can go wrong in your favor is the fact that you applied so late. Apart from that, its all cool. Good luck
  7. Hello! So yes its quite normal to wait for months. I got my ID and password after almost 2 months or so. Hence it's possible that you won't receive it before May end. As for dual degrees, one hears back real late in June or July I suppose, in any case, why don't you confirm with the admin dept of ScPo. They have been a great help to me with my queries and all. Last but not the least, congratulations on your acceptance
  8. My name's Angie. Macchiato is just the level I am on. Anyway good luck. Hope IHEID turns out beyond awesome.
  9. Hey Roadfish! I have been admitted to ScPo International Development degree as well as IHEID's Masters in Development Studies. I have chosen the former cuz I got the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship from the French govt. Idk if you can afford the dual degree but well if you can't then I would say you choose IHEID cuz it's amazing. The school, the faculty and it's quite known in the field of development and international affairs. So either way, whatever you choose won't be a problem. I was denied scholarship from IHEID and I can't afford it without funding so that's my rationale behind choos
  10. Hey! Congrats! Nope they just turned down my request rather just didnt consider me for Emile because I got Eiffel. As you cant receive both scholarships so they said that my file for Emile will be only considered if I DONT get Eiffel. So well they didnt consider my file. Anyway I am quite happy rather much more happy with Eiffel. If I may ask, why are you declining ScPo even with funding?
  11. Aww thank you you guys! Also yes I am happy i met such wonderful people too! Thank you x) Also i will sure to keep you posted. Do the same too Ofcourse. I cant refuse such an offer esp when paris wants me there so much. Congratulations to you too. Added you as well Thanks for the info Mych
  12. Hey guys! I received the Eiffel Scholarship from the French govt to study at Sciences Po Paris. Beyond Incredibly Happy xD
  13. is beyond incredibly happy having received the EIFFEL SCHOLARSHIP from the French Govt. :D :D

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    2. kittythrones


      CONGRATS Angie!!! You deserve it :)

    3. iPsych



    4. k_angie


      Thank you, you guys :)

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