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  1. Oh Geez! I don't know about that. It is my understanding that you must have your CAQ prior to coming to Quebec. The entire CAQ process from app to receipt is about 4-5 weeks. I would def contact your International Student Services Office (or equivalent) and get guidance from them. I just had an issue where the Quebec Govt only approved my CAQ for 3 years, but my program lasts for 4. When I received notification from my school that I was required to produce immigration documents that covered my entire stay, I emailed the school and asked if i could come anyway and clear it up later. They didn
  2. Hey! Yes, this is still the case. US citizens can get their Study Permits at the border. I just printed a hard copy of the study permit application to use as a guide. On the YUL airport website, there are some generic instructions for international students arriving, but I haven't come across any detailed instructions. Good luck!
  3. Thanks. Yep, they showed me new location while I was there.
  4. I've heard of submitting a GA application concurrent with the graduate application, but not before. It is my understanding that GAs (RAs and TAs) are awarded upon admission as part of the financial aid packages offered to students of the respective program. Others, please correct me if I'm wrong...
  5. Bones, I'm in the same boat. Fully funded, but barely for the first year. Because of the way my first year is structured, there is no way I'm going to be able to work during the school year. So, before my program starts in the fall I'll be working 60-70 hours a week as a courier during the summer until I leave the country for school. The pay is way better than I expected, and I won't be stuck in an office all day making minimum wage. I love driving and I'm always on the road, so it's perfect for me. Some other ideas: Tutor Volunteer for Clinical Research Studies (if you're near a
  6. You're in luck...you're not going to Quebec, so you'll def be able to get it in time. Just drive up and get it at the border, and make sure you have all of the required documents (passport, acceptance letter, proof of funding for the duration of your studies, etc.). Use the checklist on the CIC website as a guide: Study Permit Checklist and you'll be fine. It doesn't have to be a one way trip. If it's a problem, which it shouldn't be, just show them the document indicating that you need your study permit by June 15th. Good luck!
  7. I'm surprised...most Psyc PhD programs are fully-funded, typically granting at minimum an RA-ship and tuition waiver. Please...Do not attend this or any other PhD program without full funding.
  8. Ahhh yes, the great CAQ application process. My advice: Apply as soon as possible and hope for the best. The website says they try to process them in 20 days but that has not been my experience at all, and that doesn't include time for mailing. Others have had a better time of it and I hope you do too!
  9. Chocolate Hagelslag Sandwiches...White bread, butter, and dutch chocolate sprinkles. Peeled tangerines and cut strawberries stirred with honey and cinnamon. Tuna fish sandwiches topped with bar-b-q chips.
  10. Hey, Ase! I'm not sure if McGill follows the "10-Year-Rule" method when assessing prereqs. I hope that it's not like some other places where the rule is applied without being explicitly stated in the application instructions. I would contact the graduate program director and ask her. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance!
  11. Oh, this is too hard!!! Love Actually, the Silent Night Scene: http://youtu.be/B7u6bMBlCXw I'm not much for crying, but that scene opened the flood gates. Paul Rudd's Meltdown in Wanderlust: http://youtu.be/G8dR2Xs7ZBI I didn't even see the movie, but someone showed me that and I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. The Dark Knight: Any scene with The Joker. Greatest performance in history. #1) Return of the Jedi: Luke vs. Vader fight. All time favorite.
  12. Craziness!!! It's so fun to look back at this. My Guess was correct and almost happened, but my Dream was fulfilled! I can't imagine having gone through this app process without you guys. I feel like we've all been through war together or something lol. I hope we all continue to check in and check up on each other as we go through grad school.
  13. You've come to the right place for help. Best bunch of ppl you'll ever come across here in this group.
  14. One of my friends, who is a minority with a professional degree, said that she would be sure to give her children names that would not give any clue to their race or ethnicity for this reason. Sad to see this, but unfortunately not surprised at these findings.
  15. PsycD

    Child free

    Oh, so I take it that I'm not the only one from a conservative Christian environment who has had to endure the endless barrage of disapproving looks and condescending comments because of my preference to remain free of the shackles of matrimony and motherhood??? Yes, I said shackles. Don't get me started...
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