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  1. Sorry! Practitioner-based in in Higher Education/Student Affairs! I was advised that applying to too many programs could be costly because of application fees.
  2. Hello! I'm really trying to narrow down my list of colleges to a solid 4-5! I'm looking for Graduate Programs that are practitioner-based rather than research-based. I've listed the colleges that I'm interested in below! Please feel free to offer any suggestions about these programs and/or any other practitioner-based programs! Thank you! *Indiana State University *Ohio State University *IUP *Florida State University *University of Maryland-College Park *Colorado State University *Syracuse University
  3. Hello! I have heard that it's possible to apply for a Graduate Assistantship before you apply to a Graduate Program. Has anyone done this or heard of anyone doing so? If so, what's the process like?
  4. I'm looking for a Higher Education/Student Affairs program and I have a list of mostly "big named" schools. I know that it'll be extremely competitive getting into these programs, so should I be looking at smaller institutions also? Are there any great programs that are mostly practitioner based? I'll take as many suggestions as yall can give me! Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm only considering programs that require assistantships and/or have A LOT of them available, because having my tuition paid for would be amazing! I have a strong background in Student Affairs, so I'm confident that I'll be offered an assistantship. I'll take your advice for sure! I'll apply for a mix of out-of-state and in-state programs, just so I'll have options, especially when it comes to finances! Thank you both!
  6. I'm currently looking for Student Affairs/Higher Education Masters programs. I've always lived in Georgia and I go to college in Georgia, but I feel that it would be best to find a program outside of Georgia. All of the programs that I've looked at are out-of-state and I love them all! But, I feel like I should be looking at programs within my state, for the sake of in-state tuition. Any advice?
  7. Thank you so much! I did begin my search on the NASPA directory, but like you said, it's not 100% accurate but it did help narrow down my choices. I took your advice and joined the "Future Student Affairs Grad Students" group on Facebook! I've already spent hours combing the Facebook group looking for helpful documents and reading informational posts from the students in the group. You've given me a lot of great advice!
  8. Hello! I'm having a tough time finding and deciding on what colleges to apply for! I'm looking for a Higher Education/Student Affairs Master Program and it's harder than I imagined. I'm really looking for a school that is more practitioner based, such as hands-on experience (assistantship) versus a theory based program (policy, administration, etc.). So far, I've been impressed by Colorado State University, UConn, and University of Maryland-College Park. I was looking at schools like Michigan State, Penn State, Ball State, etc., but I heard that the "big name" schools are always more theory ba
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