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  1. If the program does not offer rotations, ie you go straight into a particular lab, I highly recommend developing a relationship with a potential PI a couple of months before applications are due. I swear that is one of the main reasons why I got accepted to UMich and rejected from U Oregon and Brown. I developed a great relationship with my co-advisors at UM (husband and wife) and they were really stoked about having me come there. At Brown, I tried to develop a relationship and was encouraged to apply. After I applied I tried to email two potential PI's more but they wouldn't email me for some reason. Totally wasted money applying there. Had a similar situation at U Oregon where the people would not email me back. Obviously this is just my story and may not be true or necessary at all schools that you apply to all schools that you apply to, but it doesn't hurt. Developing a relationship at U Mich helped me significantly because they were able to tell adcom that they accepted me into their lab and wanted me.
  2. that's awesome!! what will you be doing there?
  3. Check the GRE thread. There's a few posts about Magoosh on there.
  4. mine were mostly overall gpa and I had one application that asked me to calculate my major gpa. However, I don't remember seeing any distinction between masters and undergrad gpa. I would definitely ask each department that you're applying to if it's unclear.
  5. not necessarily true. there's ways to strategize. I only take 2-3 minute surveys then there's lots of $1 surveys. If you use the reddit site I posted, it shows ones that are "worth doing". If you're just sitting at home and relaxing, it's totally worth it.
  6. You might be ok depending on how they look at their applicants. For example, if they look at you as a whole part and GRE is not heavily weighed, then you'd probably be ok. However, considering you have more time, try to take it again if you can afford it. For what it's worth, I got in to UMich with 150V/145Q (I have test anxiety and suck at standardized tests).
  7. Not just any type of sock, get some wool socks. One of the best investments you can make.
  8. You have to sign up for a worker account first, which takes a few days to be approved. I should add that most of the surveys that I take are for academic research.
  9. Biology with a focus in Ecology and Biodiversity
  10. I just started doing surveys on mturk.com 2 weeks ago. See reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/HITsWorthTurkingFor/ to maximize your experience. So far I've been making around $50 a week. It's something easy you can do at night, at home when relaxing to subsidize your income.
  11. Can I just ask OP why you are not even considering other manufacturers? There's lots of neat touch screen laptops and other thin laptops that are much cheaper and will last you longer.
  12. Graduating in 3 weeks, then planning to sell/get rid of almost everything over the two weeks following. Then, I will move around June 10 and start in my lab the following week. I'll have a busy summer of collecting samples and working in the lab. I'll try to get out, have fun, and explore my new area as much as possible.
  13. +1, I love my Brother printer laser printer. I have only replaced the toner twice in the 5 years that i've had it, and it's still going strong! So much cheaper than an inkjet.
  14. What are your favorite things to do in MI in the summer? I'll be doing research full time this summer in my new lab, but hope to get out and explore as much as possible.
  15. I had the Two Hearted Ale both times that I interviewed in Michigan and really enjoyed it. Any recommendations for breweries to check out? You guys also have Jolly Pumpkin! So good.
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