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  1. I say this is normal...there's just something about mustard jk lol ...I am the same way - mustard on everything, except my obsession is this homemade mustard-type Peruvian sauce...
  2. Bathroom = place for poop. Laptop = something I use while eating. So, no, can't say I've tried it.
  3. I've been to Peru and Italy. I have to say, the Pervuian food is the best I've ever had.
  4. Ever had Arbor Brewing Mr. Delicious Double IPA? Or Grizzley Peak Porter? I'm super into those right now.
  5. I agree with the last post - you'd need to narrow that interest - e.g., are you interested in a certain disorder/symptom? A specific population? Treatment or etiology? From my experience, there wasn't a lot of schools asking where else you applied. I don't think it'd be a red flag, provided you were able to demonstrate interest in something specific and there were researchers at the programs studying it. As I'm sure you know, restricting yourself to a certain geographic location could make it significantly harder to get in somewhere. But it's a personal preference for some people, I guess.
  6. Oh. I'm also mildly to moderately obsessed with history. More specifically biographies - like really out there historical figures...Also North Korea.
  7. I haven't explored the wine scene...which ones do you recommend?
  8. Old German is neat. I'm a fan of the porter. I think Dark Horse is my favorite.
  9. We have Founders, Bells, Dark Horse, Shorts, I like Arbor Brewing... New Holland is ok....I'm probably forgetting something...what's in Montana?
  10. Fatal Attraction: Watched the movie for my Abnormal Psych "diagnose a movie character" assignment...for some weird reason, it just made me laugh after seeing it 3-4 times...which made my friend laugh and then it turned into this thing where we'd watch it together and just laugh. Our Favorite Scene: When Alex Forest/Glenn Close starts the creepy-stalking Dan/Micheal Douglas and says "I WON'T be ignored, Daaaan!"
  11. At mine they say your name then you walk onto the stage and shake (the dean's?) hand as they hand you a fake diploma - nothing about field, GPA, etc. Those were on the program brochures - an asterisk next to your name indicating high distinction, etc. If I remember correctly we RSVPed for our graduation to prevent them from calling names of people who were no shows?
  12. I like math. It's like mental masturbation. I really liked all my Calc courses.
  13. What's your favorite/s? Mine: Dark Horse Scotty Karate Founders Imperial Stout & Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale Bells Two-Hearted Ale
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