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  1. Thank you all for your responses! I guess I'm still just lost as to what to say in the email, as the ones I had written before at least had the goal of finding out if they were accepting students and they came off as more professional. Now that I already know that they're accepting students, I just feel awkward writing the emails because it feels like I've skipped the introduction and I'm just trying to sell myself to them or something. I don't know, it's really hard for me to explain. I sat here trying to re-write one of my emails for about 2 hours and still hated it to be honest.
  2. I would greatly appreciate some advice/input here. I'm applying to a few clinical psychology PhD programs this season and all of them have professors who are accepting students for fall 2018 listed on their websites. When I was initially writing my email drafts to POIs a few weeks back, only one of the universities' websites had this information listed and the other universities have since updated their websites with this info. I got a bit busy with working on a publication and my master's thesis in that meantime, so I am just now revisiting my email drafts and application materials. How
  3. psych_33


    Hey brokecollegegrad, I'm in a similar situation, considering self-funding (somehow) to get my Master's if I'm accepted to LMU-Munich since I don't have certainty that I will have any sort of funding for it. Unfortunately though, I found out that students are only permitted to work 180 days each year, so it may not be very feasible to go without having a considerable amount of money saved up first--Germany requires that international students can show proof of having at least $8000 for the academic year. :/ I've been frantically searching for some other last-minute scholarship/fellowship p
  4. It is really tough to estimate, but you could look through the Fulbright spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/t9xTrTMFEvKlBgJlTAN33iw/htmlview?pli=1) and see how many alternates have been promoted in previous years. It's honestly not easy to estimate though, since this spreadsheet only includes the people who have added their information, and I'm sure there are plenty of others out there who haven't participated in this forum. As a fellow alternate, I'm panicking right there with you. I'm actually interviewing with the university in about a week without any certainty about fun
  5. Soo I'm being interviewed by the University of Munich about a week from now without knowing for sure if I'll be funded for my degree (I'm an alternate to Germany and Fulbright is my only possible funding option). I am seriously panicking, and I really hope that any of you principal candidates to Germany who might be on the fence, or considering other offers, will make up your minds soon so I can get funding! Pleeeease, Fulbright gods, don't let me down! This is seriously my dream program, I will be so crushed if I get accepted but can't attend because of funding. This whole process is just
  6. psych_33


    Ugh, I'm right there with you. I had the rejection status on the portal a few weeks ago too and I hoped it wouldn't turn out that way, but I still had a feeling that it would. I'm so bummed. I still have a tiny gleam of hope for getting funding through Fulbright as an alternate candidate, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up since it could go either way. In a way, it's almost a relief for me to have been rejected by the DAAD though. Being an alternate for Fulbright didn't really change anything for me since I still have to obsessively check my e-mail and make sure my voicemail isn't full ever
  7. psych_33


    I'm really hoping for notifications tomorrow. I have a thesis due in the next week, so I'd really love to free myself from the need to compulsively check my e-mail every 10 seconds. Come on DAAD, please let us all have our sanity back this week!!
  8. psych_33


    I just tried to log in to the portal but it says it is in service mode right now---maybe this means that they're updating our notifications?! I really hope so!
  9. psych_33


    I wish I could say the same, I've applied for both this year and I have become the most compulsive email checker around. Especially after finding out that I'm designated an alternate for Fulbright, it has become even worse now that the notification could come through at any time, or not at all. The waiting game is stressful and it sucks. I'm supposed to be finishing up a thesis and graduating within the next month, but I can't stop compulsively checking my email all the time. I just want to know whether I'll be on this continent in 6 months or not! Here's to hoping we all hear from DAAD this
  10. As far as notifying Fulbright, the e-mail I received (as an alternate candidate) stated that principal candidates have about a month from the time they are notified to make a decision. I don't think it would reflect poorly at all if you accepted the CBYX and withdrew from Fulbright. In fact, I'm pretty certain that's why they select so many alternates, being that many of us have applied for other funding/grad school programs as well. Considering there is an age limit on CBYX, if you are really into that program, I would probably go for that, just because it's possible to receive for a Fulbrigh
  11. Would anyone happen to know how many alternates are typically named for a country? I'm bummed to be an alternate, I only applied to one master program in Munich this year, so I have no idea what I'll be doing if the DAAD doesn't come through, or if I don't get moved up from alternate status. I really can't picture another person turning down a grant to Germany unless something crazy happened, but I'm curious as to how many alternates there might be. Trying to find some sort of hope on this disappointing day...
  12. Just found out I am an alternate for study/research in Germany. I'm devastated, to say the least. I mean, I know someone could withdraw, but I just don't see it as being very likely.
  13. Oh my god, seriously!!!! This is the best thing I've seen all day. Haha Honestly, I almost regret telling so many people about my application. It's nice that people care and all, but every five minutes, someone's like "so, have you heard yet?!" and I'm just like... "FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, I WILL TELL YOU WHEN I KNOW, OKAY?!?!!"
  14. In theory, yes, but will I stop refreshing my inbox between now and then? Likely not. Fulbright problems. Haha.
  15. The clinic I'm doing my research practicum at also does a lot of work on autism! My primary research interest is neurodevelopmental disorders in general (though I've done a little more research on ADHD than I have on others like ASD or dyslexia) but I'm actually planning to conduct neuroimaging research on dyslexia and dyscalculia during my Master's studies if I do end up getting the Fulbright to LMU-Munich. Last August, I contacted a professor there who was in the process of moving her lab from Harvard's medical school back to LMU-Munich permanently and she offered me a research assistant pos
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