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  1. My takeaway from this? Poor grandma.
  2. I haven't yet (but not at home to check to see if it came in the mail today). Did you receive something?
  3. virmundi


    My portal is also much more explicit now. Perhaps this means that a decision is nigh!
  4. I also wasn't able to find "Fulbright Germany 2015-2016". Any chance you'd be willing to share a direct link here?
  5. Right on. Congrats. Glad you didn't have to wait too long.
  6. Thank you very much. This forum has been the thing keeping me sane/insane (both in equal parts) for weeks now and I really appreciate it, even if I've only been a lurker.
  7. I also was just accepted to Germany at 13:22. I'm so relieved that I'm shaking. Good luck everyone.
  8. It may depend somewhat on what your goals are, but a tried and true strategy for someone who has been out of school for a while is to take a few graduate level courses in your field of interest (this can be done in some programs as a non-degree seeking student) and then try to get LORs from your professors for those courses. This is not, generally speaking, a cheap option but it may be the best way to get solid academic references after you've been out of school for a while.
  9. Fantastic news. Congratulations! I can hardly even imagine the relief, excitement, joy, and anticipation that you are feeling right now.
  10. virmundi


    http://academicjobs.wikia.com/wiki/Dissertation_Fellowships_2014-2015 http://academicjobs.wikia.com/wiki/Dissertation_Fellowships_2013-14 Last year and the year before that they seem to have gone out on March 28th, so maybe the wait won't be quite as long.
  11. You were in Germany, right? If you don't mind me asking, where? (Also -- sorry if I missed it earlier in the thread).
  12. Fingers crossed for you. For all of us, too, but in this moment especially for you.
  13. This is hilarious (and I agree 100% with the sentiment of that facial expression)!
  14. virmundi

    New Haven, CT

    Hi Ragneo -- Yale is known (informally) as the "gay Ivy." It has the highest proportion of LGBTQ students of any of the Ivy's, and I have LGBTQ friends and colleagues who are absolutely comfortable here in New Haven.
  15. Preselection at my university seems to be slightly different. Here, two of the applicants are "preselected" and they are more or less guaranteed one of the DAAD research fellowships (although the final decision is still made elsewhere). These candidates, in effect, seem to be fast-tracked through the process to approval and receipt of the award. Other applicants who are not "preselected" here are forwarded to DAAD, where their applications are considered. Our DAAD program coordinator told me that they received 8 applications last year, two were preselected here and a further two were selected further along in the process. As I understand it, however, the preselected applicants did not hear back from the DAAD committee any sooner in the process.
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