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  1. DAAD

    Hang in there, everyone!
  2. DAAD

    Nope, just "DAAD Graduate Scholarship 2015-2016" in the subject line, so I had time to brace myself!
  3. DAAD

    Horb, yep. First word was "congratulations" right after the salutation line.
  4. DAAD

    Thanks, all!
  5. DAAD

    Got my email - I GOT IT!!!!!
  6. DAAD

    CONGRATS, jdawg!!
  7. DAAD

    Looks like they might be sending out rejections first? A couple of friends in my program received rejection notices within the last hour.
  8. DAAD

    Sorry to hear you didn't get it, AntarK, but thanks for the heads-up! I hope something even better is waiting for you just around the corner!
  9. DAAD

    I might actually go insane if they don't.
  10. DAAD

    I am, too. In previous years, it looks like the emails have come from the New York office.
  11. DAAD

    Noooooooo! Another weekend of no news. *sob*
  12. DAAD

    It must be! (Right, right?)
  13. DAAD

    I'm having my teaching sections observed tomorrow, so I won't be checking any emails until after they've happened...just in case! I know if I don't get it, my sections will be terrible. But if I do get it, I can just celebrate at my department's happy hour instead! Like I said, my friend's theory is that the decisions will come out on a Friday. Please, tomorrow, please!
  14. DAAD

    Either way, looks like another day of no news.
  15. DAAD

    Please let today be the day! A friend of mine says DAAD notifications usually come out on Fridays (or they have done in previous years). But I'm hoping for some Wednesday news all the same! Good luck to us all!