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  1. Hi guys, For those of you who already got the scholarship: Do they ask for a Health Certificate signed by a recognized doctor?
  2. Relax, news will come sooner or later. Decision has already been taken, there's nothing we can do but patiently waiting. You will got an email once they update the portal, no need to check it. @DagoCR: Just for your info, Central America is one of the latest they usually announce, try not to worry
  3. Congratulations to the ones who have gotten the scholarship. Hope you all succeed once in Germany. So far there are news only from North Africa and the Middle East. Has anyone heard something from Asia, Latin America, etc?
  4. Yep, got rejected. Waiting for better news this year but with no false hopes this time. Best of luck to you too.
  5. Dear fellow Phd applicants: Based on my previous experience, I can say there is not a pattern or a correlation regarding change in dates or status and the result of your application. Both of them could change or remain the same and at the end the application could be either rejected or accepted. And normally, they communicate the final resolution from the first week of March on. For those of you who get the status changed into "Funding", it really means you've got the scholarship. Contrats! You just have to wait for the official letter from DAAD with further instructions. Best regards, Esteban A.
  6. Thank you for the info Wilbert! I'll be expecting the results then.
  7. Hello, Any news from DAAD regarding the Phd scholarship? Best regards, Esteban A.
  8. Hello, Have you heard any news regarding the scholarship application? Best regards, Esteban,
  9. It is normal for DAAD to correct that. Technically, for Phd research grants, the funding dates are for one year starting on Oct 1st and ending on sept 30th of the next year, after that, it should be renewed for the next year and so on. Those dates in the portal do not include the months for the German course. It's usually a good sign, but no change in the dates or in the status should be confused with the official statement through the acceptance/rejection letter. Furthermore, many have received the award without any modification in the portal dates or status. Hope to hear good news from you soon
  10. Hi @_cylon_, mine has not change and I have not received any notification. What other threads have you read?
  11. It means the selection process can be done with the copies you have provided them, but once the scholarship is awarded you must legally certify the copies, usually it is done by the foreign minister of your country.
  12. Thank you! It is good to know we are already getting news from DAAD in LA.
  13. Thank you for sharing your update and best of luck! May we know what's your region?
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