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  1. Dear The DAAD just send you an message in portal. I think the messages you have received are not from DAAD.
  2. Thank you very much. Hope to see you in Germany! Thank you so much. See you soon in Germany.
  3. Dear All, I received letter of award from DAAD. The status is changed to Funding. Good luck and hope to see you all in Germany.
  4. No Changes in status yet. Still Paper copies received.
  5. No my status is changed to Paper copies received.
  6. No I did not any interview. I said before there is no DAAD office in Afghanistan, I sent all document via portal.
  7. Dear Huka, Thanks for your comment. Also I'm not relaxed, everyday I am checking the portal.
  8. No changes in dates. It means that I am not shortlisted?
  9. I also did not received any letter for interview.
  10. Hi banoo Yari, How did you hear this news? ? From who? If there is no chances for Afghans, why they get our applications?
  11. Dear Allegoriya, Thank you so much. it is better to stay calm.
  12. Dear Gyedu, Thank you for your response. I hope all friends can get this scholarship. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for you. Could you please say the process of selection?
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