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  1. So far, haven't received any updates yet
  2. Congratulations Gustavo 🎉 If you don't mind, can you share your DAAD experience? - how was the interview and how long it takes to know the result (from your deadline till the announcement)? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your clarification. My mistake then as I thought maybe you have applied for two different research grants. This is my first time I heard that the DAAD can amend/add the research grant despite of what we have had applied. Anyhow, hope we will be blessed by the DAAD lucks.
  4. Hi Wily.m, Many apologies for asking this and if you don't mind to answer. Did you receive a rejection letter from DAAD upon short term research grant? Because if you receive a rejection letter whereas in portal remains 'selection made' , its a bit confusing.
  5. so far, haven't heard any good/bad news yet - Malaysia (ST-34)
  6. Hi MarceloCoelho, I applied for a Bi-Nationally Doctoral Supervised in engineering education field. Usually they will email us and giving the updates. Maybe you can contact your DAAD representative (via email or phone call) to know your current status. My experience, they are very responsive and I usually received a reply within a day. Hope this information helps. Thank you.
  7. Hi Almasa, Thank you for your reply and congratulations in advance. Surely you will get the DAAD research grant. It's a bit different as I applied back in October 2018 (deadline-15th October 2018) and mine, is based on submitted document. Anyhow, hope both of us (and all of us) will be granted with the DAAD research grants. xoxo
  8. Hi Almasa, Did you get your result yet?
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