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  1. Hi jyl07, I am a reserve candidate for PhD this year. Did you apply for PhD last year? and did you get the scholarship? Thanks.
  2. In the letter you received, did they advice you to apply now for admission to the university?
  3. Hi, I was informed weeks ago that I am also a reserve candidate. I applied for the "Doctoral Programmes in Germany" grant from Latin America. What about you? Best of luck.
  4. Hi everyone, I just realized that another applicant for the same program ("research grants") in the same region (Mexico) was awarded today. Her status changed from application submitted to selection made, then one day after she got an email confirming the award. In my case my status is still application submitted. I sent a message through the portal asking for the dates of final results. They replied back stating that I will be contacted within next week. So I think it is over! I mean, I think the acceptances of a particular region are given simultaneously. Or what do you think?
  5. Hi Simo, I was wondering, did you apply for "Research Grants-Doctoral Programmes in Germany"? . Also, if you don't mind the questions, did they send you the result via email? Was it positive? Regards.
  6. Hopefully this is a good sign. Best wishes for your application.
  7. Oh! I get it! What are your funding dates now?
  8. I understand. What was the result of your application that time? If you don't mind the question. Good luck.
  9. Hi, My original dates were different when I filled the application form (from August 2020 to August 2023). I'm totally sure the dates changed.
  10. Hi, I applied for the "Research Grants-Doctoral Programmes in Germany 20/21" on October of the last year. I had my interview on January and the day after, the dates in my portal changed to: Funding begin: 01.10.2020 - Funding end: 30.09.2021. My application status stills on "Application submitted". Anyone else has noticed similar changes?
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