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  1. Hi Allen, may I know where are you from? I am also from ST34 but still no update from my side.
  2. I really hope they annouced the result soon. But, Based from what I read in the Gradcafe 2018-2019 and the timeline analysis from last year, I guess they will only give out the result by next week. But, it is tiring to wait this long......
  3. Hi, Riel, Thanks for your update. In my case, I try to send them message but no response from them
  4. Thanks for the update. It seems ST-34 (Asia Pacific) is the only region without updates.
  5. Has anyone from ST-34 received any updates from DAAD?
  6. Congratulation Gustavo!!! Did you email them to ask for your application or they did send the email directly to you? Thank You
  7. Hi Ally, I dont think that you should give up hoping for DAAD! As what previous member said it did not matter for the status. Some people directly got the letter without having their status changed. I read this from DAAD 2018-2019 page. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  8. Thanks. I am from Malaysia. Let's hope for the best next week. Hopefully, it will turn out good for us. Cheers!
  9. I think you will get the updates soon! Good Luck!
  10. I am also in the same situation. We should put our finger crossed for the result. result. May I know from where are you applying?
  11. Nothing from myside. I am so anxious about the result...
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