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  1. Horb

    DAAD 2017-2018

    I didn't mean to rain on your parade! It is a common misconception.
  2. Horb

    DAAD 2017-2018

    If you search through forums, you'll actually see that "selection made" means nothing. If it changes to funding, or something similar, then yes, you most likely got it. Everyone eventually gets "selection made" before the decision is put through.
  3. I'm sure there are, but it depends on country. Some places have age restrictions for ETAs. I guess my point is, if there isn't an age restriction, then it is fair game. You'll have to explain how this fits in with your life now. Why a 40 year old would want to do an ETA is probably different than why a 20 something would, but as long as you do that, you shouldn't be facing any discrimination.
  4. Depends how much the award is and what it'll be used for. If it is used for the same things you're funding with a Fulbright, Fulbright will (most likely) alter your funding package. For example, if Fulbright was providing 1000 Euro per month for 10 months and another ward would offer you 1000 Euro, they might deduct the 1,000 from the 10,000 total they would pay you. But it depends on the amount and what it is used for. Also, note that they can rescind the Fulbright if they found out you got funding from another source and did not report it.
  5. I'm 25 and won a Fulbright. Age does not matter all. There are people in their 40s who win.
  6. I found the Fulbright website to be pretty useful for this: "The affiliation letter should indicate the author’s willingness to work with you on the intended project and it should speak to the feasibility and validity of what is being proposed. The letter should also indicate any additional resources or contacts that the adviser can provide to support the work."
  7. Things they should include: What your work is Why it is exciting How it fits with their research What resources they can provide (office space, lab equipment, library access, etc.) Your plan for meeting That'll help get you a strong letter.
  8. Are you applying for the open grant? Because all partnership awards are for study. The acceptance rate is very low (more so than other countries). I was a semi finalist so if you questions pm me.
  9. Yeah, GPA only matters if the poor grades are in necessary subjects (like you're doing an anthro project and all your anthro grades are, like, Cs and Ds). That is when it may make the committee pause.
  10. Honestly, just email Fulbright what you posted here (about the links) and see what they say. This year, make sure you store multiple backups in multiple places.
  11. Did you apply at-large or through your school? Your school might have a record of it.
  12. I wouldn't celebrate until I get a DAAD official notification. I'm not a DAAD employee, so I can't answer your questions with any certainty.
  13. Read through previous posts and you'll find the answer. It usually means nothing.
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