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  1. also saw a response (rejection via POI) from Yale. During my interview they said we'd likely hear late feb/early march but maybe there is hope we could all hear sooner....
  2. hey! I think they are for Yale history, but from what I've heard at Yale the admission decisions are coming out later this year than normal, so interview requests might still be rolling out now. Good luck!
  3. Thank you for this! If anyone has advice specific to Yale interviews or past experiences with them, would be very eager to hear -- just heard from my POIs.
  4. I'm applying again (alongside apps to PhD programs). I am a current finalist for the 2020-2021 cycle, but thinking it's unlikely that will go out this year...
  5. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for the Yale book review? I've read some earlier forum posts that said to treat it as an academic book review rather than discussing why the book is meaningful to you, but would love any other tips. I have chosen to write about a fairly recent book in my thematic field (environmental history) but outside my regional focus.
  6. Hi all! I had a brief question I was wondering if others could offer advice on. I searched the forum and found some general advice on this topic but not on my specific question. I have heard from other grad students that I should contact potential advisors. However, if there are, let's say, three South Asianists at a given school, should I contact all of them? What should the email look like to the other people in my field who would not be my primary advisor? I would greatly appreciate any advice on this topic!
  7. NYU could be another place to check out, because their Food Studies program could have nice crossover. I also know a couple food history scholars of America who got their PhD in Brown's American Studies department, as well as UNC Chapel Hill's program, so that could be worth looking into.
  8. Feel free to dm me for background and qualifications
  9. Just got word I got the Clarendon (social sciences division) for an MPhil! Very excited.
  10. Has anyone heard from the Clarendon?
  11. ^ just an update, I called and they said other scholarship decisions won’t come until probably the first week of March, if anyone is wondering.
  12. Thank you! I applied Jan 30.
  13. Just got in and got a global pathways scholarship! Does anyone know when other scholarship decisions will be released or if they already have been?
  14. Thank you for sharing this info! Also, does anyone know if scholarship decisions will be released at the same time?
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