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  1. Has anyone heard anything from HSHM at Yale regarding interviews?
  2. Thanks! I applied to a PhD in the humanities, and I sent in my program application December 1st and my KH app the day it was due.
  3. A professor I had emailed with but hadn't spoken to via zoom/phone just reached out to schedule a call, seems pretty informal though
  4. Got invited to the video portion— anyone have any tips?
  5. Interesting, I didn't realize Chicago did interviews. I've spoken a few times informally with my POI there and they basically said next I'd hear from them is end of the month with decisions.
  6. Yeah, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but an acquaintance of mine got admitted to US history for Yale last Friday. I reached out to my POI and it looks like the full list of acceptances was already finalized/people notified.
  7. Have any Yale applicants who haven't heard back been in contact with their POI?
  8. I have heard that Yale was cutting its class by 1/6 for the next six years; if they admit 22 usually that's still a class of 18 or so (though that's assuming 100% yield so idk)
  9. So is it safe to assume all Yale acceptances have been sent out? Welp.
  10. When I interviewed at Yale, my POIs told me results would likely be delayed from last year, so doubt they are out.
  11. Does anyone have any additional insight into when Yale will release their decisions? When I interviewed they said it would probably be delayed this year, but I've seen a few posts on this forum suggesting it will probably come out next week?
  12. also saw a response (rejection via POI) from Yale. During my interview they said we'd likely hear late feb/early march but maybe there is hope we could all hear sooner....
  13. hey! I think they are for Yale history, but from what I've heard at Yale the admission decisions are coming out later this year than normal, so interview requests might still be rolling out now. Good luck!
  14. Thank you for this! If anyone has advice specific to Yale interviews or past experiences with them, would be very eager to hear -- just heard from my POIs.
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