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  1. Bangor, ME

    Wanted to revive this thread! Can anyone give some insight into social life/dating life/apartments in Bangor/Orono?!
  2. Fall 2017 Waitlist Thread

    Ah thank you! Trying to remain optimistic
  3. Fall 2017 Waitlist Thread

    I've been waitlisted at Temple clinical psych as a first alternate since mid January. Every day I have thought today will be the day. I have a feeling this painful process will drag out until April 17th. So exhausted.
  4. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    in need of a bit of advice.... is it looking like bad news the longer and longer i stay on a wait list? haven't most PhD programs sent out acceptances at this point? i'm currently my top choice's first alternate, and with each passing day i get the feeling that the initial offer potentially has not gotten any other acceptances and will ultimately take the offer. i know that it is a highly variable process and that no one has a crystal ball to tell me my fate, but this waiting game is frying my fragile nerves! that being said, if anyone is holding onto an acceptance at Temple and is unsure if they want to go...please turn it down! it is my DREAM to go here!!!:)
  5. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    (This is a bit late-so my apologies if you've already made a decision) First off--congrats on multiple offers! (i hope you haven't held on to two for too long though!) but I think you're actually in a really great position still being undergrad. What I mean by this is I don't think you're quite in a dire straits situation yet in which you should compromise on your research fit. Sure, if you've been out of school for quite some time and you have applied multiple rounds, then maybe I would be more inclined to take one of the offers. But I think you really have so much time to get some work experience with this PI whose interests are perfectly aligned with yours. While you can never guarantee the future, I would imagine that you would still be incredibly competitive in years to come, as you already have been successful in receiving two offers while still in undergrad! You will only strengthen your application with added work experience! I also don't think theres anything wrong with staying at the same institution (particularly if you like it and they like you!) Either way, congrats again..and best of luck!
  6. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    Ugh. Same. So frustrating!
  7. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    Would you mind PMing me this POI as well?! Thanks!
  8. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    Hmmm, I'm wondering then if the calls are being made based on when the PI makes their decision? Because I have not heard anything, and I would have thought that if my PI made her decision if I were accepted, a high alternate, or low alternate, I would know.
  9. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    Has anyone heard anything from Temple after the interviews? I'm trying to figure out if they are calling all acceptances across the board? Or if they are calling based on when the PI makes his/her final decisions, and thus the admissions will be staggered. If anyone can shed some light on this, that'd be great! The anticipation is frying my nerves!
  10. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    I saw a few Temple acceptances on the forum...could either of these people PM their POI? Also, if anyone has an interview at Boston University could you PM your POI? Thanks!