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  1. Too many things to do and never enough time.

  2. Monochrome Spring

    Michigan State University

    You should email the graduate admissions secretary for the department and ask. They should be more than happy to tell you how important your GRE scores, as well as when they expect to send out notifications for acceptance/rejection.
  3. Finally back to regular reading/posting on GradCafe. Feel free to message me with questions about applications, research, etc.!

  4. Often, applications will ask for your courses and GPA from all colleges/universities, so you would need to include your exchange program information. You can email the admissions departments for each program and ask them if you are allowed to omit course history from your exchange. They will know best, and these policies can vary across institutions.
  5. Monochrome Spring

    Rank names?

    I think that we lost the rank names with the site upgrade and moved to the dot system. I don't know why admins only have the rank names, but I can ask around for you.
  6. Monochrome Spring

    pls help with my account deletion

    Please read this post on the GradCafe's edit/delete policy. http://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/67316-thegradcafes-editdelete-policy/ We do not delete accounts, but you are more than welcome to edit your posts if you want to hide personal information. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.
  7. Monochrome Spring

    Modelling vs. Experimental work

    The majority of my research is experimental, and I chose that because I like to manipulate what is going on my studies and work in very controlled greenhouse settings. However, I also have included a modeling component to my dissertation, because I want to be well-rounded as a scientist. My advisor has done a mix of the two in the past, although his current research focuses mostly on experimental.
  8. Monochrome Spring

    Second Year Students Fall 2015 How's It Going

    I've been working from home in California all semester even though I live in Michigan. I got a sort of permission from my advisor to live with my long distance partner for the semester as long as I keep my work up. I also have an online course. Managing everything while living with my partner and our 4 other housemates (he is finishing up his teacher's credential in an expensive big city) has been more challenging than I expected. But I'm just about finished planning out the nitty gritty details for my main dissertation experiments and am in the process of ordering supplies and preparing my specimens.
  9. Monochrome Spring

    Grad. School Supplies?

    I have recently started making my own sort of planner. I take a large grid notebook (Moleskine specifically). I divide the left page into a weekly calendar, and I only put things down that occur on that day or must be completed on that day. Then I use the right page as a running task list for things that don't have a set day to be completed. I also use the right page to write down expenses and short meeting notes. It's been working really well for me.
  10. Monochrome Spring

    Grad. School Supplies?

    I can confirm that the Muji pens are great. They are super pigmented and don't smudge for me. The fine tip is also great for equations. (I write my notes on Moleskine notebook paper or regular white printer paper, for reference)
  11. Monochrome Spring

    Grad. School Supplies?

    I just wanted to share my recent school supply purchase. I'm doing a big overhaul on my paper notetaking system. Muji 0.38mm black gel pens Muji 0.38 multi-color gel pens Zebra mildliners in various colors Muji A5 notebooks Obligatory post-its and post-its This haul (other than refills on the black gel pens and notebooks) should easily last me the rest of my doctoral program. I don't take a lot of paper notes as a graduate student, so this is really just for brainstorming and reference books. I got tired of carrying around my filing system with lots of loose leaf paper.
  12. Monochrome Spring

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I'm in Costa Rica. I thought I heard a cool frog, so I leaned forward to find it and got stung by a wasp in the neck instead. Two hours later and the sharp pain is finally going down.
  13. Monochrome Spring

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Currently dealing with ageist classmates making passive aggressive comments about my age and any associated lifestyle traits.
  14. Monochrome Spring


    I use a Jansport Right Pack whenever I'm lugging a lot of stuff. I generally don't need to be very professional in my department full of lumberjacks. When I do have the need to look nicer, I carry a Longchamp Le Pliage. Both bags are classics and simple; and they get most of my carrying needs out of the way without needing a convoluted system. As Fuzzy said, everyone has their own preference. I've noticed the largest amount of variation in bag choice comes down to how professional you want to look, which I why I went with classics.
  15. I have an ear infection in a tropical rainforest. Owwie.


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