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  1. I'd prefer the e-mail group, but if the majority prefer to post here, I'm ok with that. Hoping to have a draft done by the end of this upcoming week.
  2. I'm interested in this. I'm partway through my first draft now and would love to share SoP's with folks to get and give feedback.
  3. Wise words! Thank you for the great read. It is just the thing I needed today. :-)
  4. It totally answers my question. Thank you :-) And sorry my question was a bit vague. That's what I get typing it up at the end of a long day.
  5. I've haven't really thought about the special ed research route. It is something I'll have to stew on as I gear up for this. And it is definitely an angle to consider when looking for people to collaborate with down the road. I think your research thread sounds very interesting. Is there a specific population you're looking to study this is? I'd be curious to see if it differs in some populations.
  6. Haha! It is MrSmithUT. I was just too lazy to put it all in there that way when I created the account. ;-) I'm kind of all over the place on the biopsychosocial aspects. It could be something like use/abuse of drug among students (be it "hard drugs", alcohol, prescription stimulants, or others)......or looking to see how prevalent those struggling due to an educational issue cope with what I'm sure is increased depression (though would have to determine if this population has more depression than the "average" student in higher education)......or like you said, looking at exercise or yo
  7. Hello pearl31 and EduNeuroGrl! I'm also planning to apply to PhD programs for Fall 2016! Nice to see a couple other fellow applicants on here. My interests are in a couple different areas. One is looking at student persistence in higher education and the other is in the biospychosocial aspects of education, particularly higher education (sounds like EduNeuroGrl and should talk shop at some point on the latter one). It is a bit daunting looking at the programs out there, but I'm going to give it my best shot and hope it all works out. I'm currently enrolled in a master's program,
  8. Hey JBums! I am attending Mississippi State's program. Loving it here! Where are you looking to apply this year?
  9. Hey folks. Just wanted to wish y'all good luck on the journey this year. I was in your shoes last year. If any of you want to talk, have someone read a personal statement, or anything really....let me know and I'll be more than happy to help however I can. Lots of people here helped me last year, and I'd love to return the favor. Best of luck!
  10. Hey Spreadpeace88! I've applied to the CUSPA Masters program at UT. Hoping to hear some good news soon from them. Checked today and the status for my application is "in review". What program are you applying for there?
  11. Fingers crossed for you, Functionality. :-)
  12. I heard from them on Wednesday. The invite was for the Feb 9-10 interview days. Not sure if they sent out invites for the Feb 23-24 interview days.
  13. I feel the same way. Booking my flight today. Going to cost me an arm and a leg, but I'm more than willing to pay it for the chance to go here.
  14. Hey Meghan! I'll be interviewing there too. Are you going to be there on Feb 9-10?
  15. Congrats UNDERtheSEA22 and JBums1028! Wish I was joining y'all there. :-(
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