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  1. For those that have sent an acceptance email to SSHRC, how long was it before you received notification of receipt?
  2. The big brown envelope showed up in Vancouver today. 17.15/20 after 2 years of not even making it out of my department.
  3. Submit some forms that they link, send a copy of the letter from SSHRC, and send a copy of the email you send to SSHRC accepting the award.
  4. No letter in Vancouver today but I got a "how to activate your award" email from the university so it's feeling a little more real
  5. I saw a post on twitter from someone in Halifax that got their letter. Seems it's just Ontario that's being goofy
  6. goddang. what time does internal mail at UBC get delivered my letter is probably there
  7. Has anyone further west than Ontario gotten a letter yet? Tryna gauge when I'm likely to see mine in Vancouver
  8. Got a notification from our graduate secretary on Friday that my application was successful ? I just now went through the 2016 thread (because I'm neurotic and won't believe it's real until I actual have the physical letter) and it looks like people started getting emails on a Friday, Ontario got physical letters on Monday or Tuesday, and west coast got physical letters Wednesday or Thursday. So hopefully everyone should know their results by the end of this coming week.
  9. STephanie is now my GF we are very happy together. Please lock this thread and move to the Gradcafe Success Stories forum.
  10. I'm a grad student at UBC as well, OP. Let's d8.
  11. Wasn't being critical, i just wanted to reassure the already stressed out lil undergrads that they shouldn't shart their jorts thinking there'll be on average at least one shutout for every two applicants. Tho I guess there probably aren't a lot of current students still frequenting the forums so maybe that wouldn't look any less skewed :/
  12. i feel neglecting to include "i was accepted my first application season" as an option in the poll makes the concern look worse than it is
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