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  1. Can the person who just posted on the results page that they got accepted to UBC-O please PM me? Thanks!
  2. Can the person who posted on the results page about getting accepted to UBC-O please PM me??? Thanks!!
  3. Hi everyone, I was thinking we could open up a discussion about the upcoming UBCO interview weekend! Any comments, questions, and concerns can be addressed here and it can give us a chance to connect with each other and discuss anything that comes up. Not sure how many people were invited or how many people use grad cafe but I think it could be worth a try
  4. Would you mind sending me your POI as well? Thank you!
  5. Would you mind letting me know who her/your POI's are? I haven't heard anything and I'm slightly freaking out!
  6. Can the person who got an interview at SFU please DM me their POI? Thank you!
  7. Hey! I was just wondering if you received an email from UBC already? If so, was it an official email or from your POI? Also if it was from your POI could you let me know who that was if you are comfortable with that? I also applied to UBC and haven't heard anything so just wondering! Thanks!
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