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  1. Hi! I have accepted an offer from UBCO for fall of 2018. I would love to connect with some other inbound students. I did not see a topic for the Okanagan campus, so I thought I would start one up! I will be new to the area, so it would be wonderful to know some great people when I get there. Please feel free to contact me here or via PM. I would be thrilled to chat with currently attending students as well. Thank you!
  2. I have not heard from UBC-V. However, i was not invited to interview, so I am quite sure I am unofficially rejected.
  3. I don't know how many people from our interview cohort check out GC, but I want to let you know that it was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you! You are such a brilliant, pleasant, lovely group. I did not meet a person I didn't like. Honestly, I am flattered to be considered alongside you. Anyways, I check out GC pretty frequently, so if I hear anything, I'll update here. Also, I am around for questions, concerns, and general chatting. Feel free to message here or DM me. ?
  4. Ugh! It sounds so frustrating and draining to be on pins and needles for that long. I'm rooting for you!
  5. I agree. I think emails after the fact can show a strong desire to improve and may even benefit you the next application cycle, if you follow through. I personally contacted my POIs before my rejections, but there is potential harm that could have been done. I really weighed the pros and cons before I emailed, and knew I was okay with all scenarios before I sent my inquiries. In fact, it is likely the professors that responded felt the inquiry showed a strong interest in their work and the program, where the ones that did not may have felt my email was impatient or bothersome.
  6. Actually, I had not received my formal rejection notices when I e-mailed. I knew I was not likely getting in because I didn't receive an interview invite on the first one and the second one I had no idea if I was still under consideration after my interview(they gave us a time frame for when we would receive our acceptance or rejection notice and it had passed by over a week). I crafted a short, polite inquiry email and did not follow up if they didn't answer (almost everyone did). All emails were to POIs I had previously engaged with.
  7. I contacted the POIs from schools I had not heard from. It was a very positive experience. Mostly, they gave me feedback as to why I was not being selected and possible improvements I could make for next year (if I reapply). One gave me very detailed review of my application and general advice for both applications and scholarships. Last year, after interviews, I also contacted a POI. She let me know that I was on a short list, but that offers had gone out. For the most part, I think professors understand how important and stressful this experience is and don't mind an inquiry o
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. I am expecting to get mine soon. I did not receive an interview invite, so I know I will not be attending. For me, this is 50% of the places I have applied this year. So, I know the feeling of disappointment. Hang in there!
  9. Has anyone received an official interview invite for UBC's Vancouver campus?
  10. Could the person that heard from UBCO let me know if it was an interview with your PI or an official interview weekend invite by the school? Just wondering if official invites are already out.
  11. I would like to know, too. I haven't heard a peep from UBC or UBC-O. I am getting pretty nervous.
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