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  1. Thank you! I was wondering if I had to do separate applications for both SSHRC and CGS-M? Is CSG-M the only masters scholarship someone applying to their masters in Canada for clinical psychology apply to?
  2. If I want to apply for CGS-M, do I also have to apply to either NSERC, CIHR or SSHRC? Also, can any one guide me with the timeline for this process?
  3. ahh I didn't get the survey should I be concerned??
  4. did anyone else receive that generic email for Concordia's open house? Is it even worth attending
  5. @Piagets#1Fan thank-you for letting us know! I know that Ottawa is super competitive too! Do you think I still have a chance if i don't have any pubs?
  6. Yes I think so. That same my file was updated too but nothing changed.
  7. There were a couple of people who were rejected on the results page a week ago. But other than that i haven't heard anything!
  8. can the person who received view to Concordia PM their POI please?
  9. okay thank-you! can you please let me know which faculty are doing interviews that day!
  10. Did you receive an interview? If so would you mind PMing me your POI's initials?
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