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  1. Say I´m an engineer and I want to apply for Economics. I have all the necessary math background but never had one single economic class. Department´s website says I need a couple of undergrad economic classes as prerequisites. If I enroll in undergrad classes in order to fulfill the prerequisites for applying for a graduate course (say a MA in Economics), do I get funded to do that (as a domestic student)?
  2. Hello comrades, does anyone out there know a very good method of determining where (what uni) are your best chances of being admitted and where it´s a far fetched reach? Say, for instance, you want to get into a natural science MSc but wanna spread your applications to optimize your chances... I know the ranking, per subject, of the website US News Ranking, but I find it insufficient. I try to take note of the enrollment of each uni, to have an idea of its size... Then, I thought, I'll check NSERC funding per university and divide by the enrollment. Now I have a rank of NSERC funding per capita... Still I feel there's probably a better way. (talking about Canada (that is, Canadian universities))
  3. Hi people, I am not getting many replies from professors I´m contacting regarding prospective MSc research. 1) Maybe is because I´m writing from abroad and my IP gets recognized as spam and doesn't get to their main emailbox? 2) Perhaps it´s because I´m writing from a @yahoo.com and not from a professional email? 3) Or maybe it´s because I´m sending emails to, like, three professors at a time, from the same department, and only changing/tweaking the content a little bit each time?
  4. Were you going up the ladder with your graduate school (or taking a step back)?
  5. @TheFez do you think that if there´s a problem with your LOR´s (they are not academic, they are not good etc) you can compensate by taking a step back in your career? For instance: I had coursework based masters in a reasonably prestigious US university. Now I´ll try to do a masters again (this time with research focusing on following up with Phd) in Canada (as domestic student) in a less well ranked university. I will not be strong in my LOR´s.
  6. I´m in a similar scenario. Perhaps here, in this forum, there are so many high caliber researchers/students/academics who worry about silly things that could perhaps impact their application to top notch schools that people like us, ordinary folk with a common problem (LOR after years out of academia), get neglected.
  7. Hi! I am in the process of getting a Permanent Residence visa in Canada. It should happen within the next several months. I know for sure that I'll want to get into a Masters (in order to do a Phd afterwards). I do have already a (coursework) MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M. I am eager to start applying before the PR visa process finishes, in order not to waste time (given that I would be actually applying for Fall 2020 and, by then, in all probability, I should already have my PR). Is that feasible? In other words: how long within the process of application for enrollment in a Master degree course as a domestic student in Canada is it necessary to hold the PR?
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