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  1. That is good to hear. Like I said, I'm very interested in spatial stats, but I was hoping to get to explore other areas as well. I'm sure the coursework will largely satisfy that curiosity, but it does feel daunting to commit to a specific area of research so early on. Is this a valid concern to have, or am I overthinking it? Do you also think going for the MS would not meaningfully bolster my profile?
  2. @bayessays, I didn't apply to that full list, but I did cover quite a range. I am still waiting on replies from a handful of PhD programs like Ohio, but assume the chances of those coming through are not huge this late in the process. I have to wonder how big of a factor my subpar GRE Q might've been or if I didn't get the SOP quite right--both things I could hopefully correct before next time. I also had it in mind to try and get a paper at least submitted while at Oregon to boost my chances, though I know accomplishing that wouldn't a given. Apparently they have sent a few students to top 50
  3. I'm trying to decide between a PhD offer at U. Missouri and a funded 2-year MS at Oregon State. I am interested in Bayesian ecological and spatial statistics, so I think Missouri would be a really good research fit. However, one big hesitation I have is that, due to the pandemic, I didn't get to visit Missouri and get a feel for the department and location. I've spoken to faculty and students, but there's definitely no substitute for an in-person visit before moving somewhere for 5 years. I've also seen people caution on this forum that research interests are likely to change over the course o
  4. Oh wow, my mistake. This whole time I've meant 2020. You read my mind. I'll add Duke back on. And I don't know how I missed Michigan. I'll definitely apply there.
  5. Hi again, With deadlines getting closer I was hoping to get some advice on a more detailed list of schools. Two important updates that affect my application: I don't think the paper I am working on will be submitted by the earliest deadlines, and I scored a 164Q/167V on the GRE. Could anyone shed light on whether it is worth taking again? It seems like the general quantitative cutoff mentioned on this forum is 165. It'd be a pain to do it for the few point increase, but if the current score precludes me from even being considered by most schools on my list, then obviously there is no choi
  6. This is incredibly helpful advice. This sort of feedback is hard to come by without many connections in the field, so thank you both. I'll definitely be adding funded masters programs to my list. @bayessays, just to clarify: do you mean I should apply to these for their MS programs, or that I could reasonably apply for their PhD programs as things stand now?
  7. Thank you for the reply! The school has a contentious history with US News and supposedly has a deflated ranking as a result of not readily providing surveys, certain numbers, etc. I threw in the comment to justify not providing a more precise ranking, but it probably wasn't the most necessary detail. It's hard for me to tell how well the rigor of the coursework compares to that at a ranked university. The sequence of topics seemed typical in both Math Stats (using Wackerly) and Analysis (using McDonald/Weiss), but there's a possibility the difficulty of assignments and exams didn't line
  8. Hi all, I am planning to apply to stats PhD programs for Fall 2021, but wanted to ask for an evaluation early to calibrate my expectations for where to apply, and to see if there is anything else I should absolutely do in the coming months while I still have time. I would like to get into a PhD program, but am willing to put the time into a masters if that's what I have to do based on my profile. I'm open to biostats departments but I enjoy math and theory, so I don't want to settle for a program that's too applied if I don't have to. Type of Student: Domestic, White Male Undergrad I
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