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  1. O, then just email SSHRC. Give them your number (it's in the email where they said you were advanced to national competition) and ask to know your ranking. You probably won't know until Monday now, though ... They'll give your score and your rank within your committee.
  2. I wonder how it works... For those out of country who win the cgs (congrats!) but have to downgrade, does that mean that they bump the fellowships up? If so, I think it's probably harder to move up if waitlisted. Because, who's going to decline an award altogether? (Obviously it happens, but I wouldn't think too often...)
  3. Sent the acceptance email at about 4pm PST last Thursday. SSHRC sent me confirmation of receipt at about 4am (PST) the next day. It was faster than I expected.
  4. Thanks so much for providing this info. And WOW, what a discrepancy between reviewers! Argh. Out of curiosity, how long did it take SSHRC to respond to your questions?
  5. Ahhh, never mind. I must be Committee 1 (Literature and fine arts) -- I figured it out by myself, haha.
  6. How do you know what committee you're on? I just got my letter--offered fellowship with 13.8/20. I can't find anywhere on the letter where says which committee adjudicated me ....
  7. Call your department, maybe??
  8. Update: my friend in Vancouver got her news (via Canada Post) today. I get my mail late (4pm-ish), so I don't know if I'll get my letter or not.
  9. Nothing yet--I'm in BC. (I know my results--just waiting for the letter.)
  10. First of all, congrats! You will be "downgraded" to a fellowship. You can still put CGS (declined) on your CV though.
  11. WooHoo!! Congrats!!
  12. I emailed the graduate head of my department. I got the 4-year fellowship. She knew on Friday. Wish she'd let us know!
  13. I'm no quite sure where the fun is in all this hahahahahah
  14. Hmmm ... maybe 3 working days? So, Tuesday? I'm starting to feel a bit discouraged that some people know their results. I'm wondering if Unis are just giving the results to the successful peeps.
  15. If we weren't all poor doctoral students, I'd suggest we put a wager on when we'll receive our results. I'm on the West Coast -- my bet is that I'll know by no earlier than Tuesday of next week ... If I'm wrong, offering a pint to anyone in my vicinity.