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  1. Thanks! Honestly, it really just felt pretty random. I added a published review and a couple of conferences, and I re-wrote my program of study, but the project and letters were basically the same. I just tried to write very clearly and explain all terminology, making very obvious the sort of practical payout of a very theoretical project (philosophy) and citing things that made it clear that I was familiar with pertinent literature. Last time I used headings to make it seem more organized, but I took them out. My score was embarrassingly low last time, and the huge jump in score did not feel
  2. Hey all! Finally. Doctoral Fellowship, external applicant (Atlanta), 14.4. *Passes out.*
  3. I just want to point out that, as of Monday delivery, Atlanta is still letter-free. It always boggles my mind that it takes about two weeks to get a letter from Ottawa to a major city about a fifteen hour drive away in the U.S.
  4. Direct applicant in the U.S. being forwarded!
  5. It arrived! No SSHRC this year. But I'm working on ramping up my CV for next year.
  6. All I see are unsuccessful ones. They're all mine. They visit me in my dreams at night. Their text scrambles and turns into maniacally-laughing faces.
  7. I assumed that people with numbers who were not successful must have gotten them from their letters?
  8. That would result in either the best ever response or the worst ever response. I guess . . . if you like high stakes . . . not a half-bad idea.
  9. I think somebody asked this earlier: I did email my supervisor from my last (Canadian) institution asking very innocently if SSHRC might have given them my results, and he was like, "Nope. Sorry!" So, that route seems to be out.
  10. It's been five business days out of an estimated 4-6 business days for standard Canada to U.S. letterpost, so I doubt they've expedited anything international, either.
  11. Hahahahahaha twice a day. I haven't left home in so long . . .
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