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  1. Acting MFAs 2017

    I know rejections went out last week because I got one! So if you haven't heard anything, unless they're sending rejections in waves, then I'd speculate that's a good thing! Congrats on your offer! Where were you accepted, if I can ask?
  2. Acting MFAs 2017

    Got my Case rejection today. Hope you all have better luck this year than me.
  3. I guess I'm screwed up for grad application

    23, in terms of graduate education, is very young. It may not seem that way now, but it's true. People go back to school at all points in their lives. Also seconding @thelionking's advice about using this time off to get experience and better yourself as an artist and applicant. I'm sorry to hear about your accident, it's awful, but everything has a way of working out how it's supposed to. Who knows? You may use this year to grow even more than you initially planned. Best of luck!
  4. Acting MFAs 2017

    Did you audition for the program? What was it that drew you to it? Also, as someone who was going into acting, how did/do you feel about having to take classes across disciplines (directing, playwrighting, etc).
  5. Sarah Lawrence Theatre MFA

    Yes, please do! I'd be so grateful! I'm an actor by trade and that's what I'd want out of school at this point in my life.
  6. Sarah Lawrence Theatre MFA

    Hello, all. Someone suggested Sarah Lawrence's Theatre MFA to me if my current round doesn't work out, but does anyone have insight into the program either because you interviewed or know alums or anything? The website itself is all really vague and nondescript. Any information would be super helpful.
  7. Acting MFAs 2017

    Hey Marc. I shot you a message with what I know!
  8. Hey! So, firstly, congratulations on your UC Davis acceptance. I will say, though, that I think it's totally normal to second guess your initial excitement about uprooting yourself from home. Home is comfortable for you. Going anywhere else for a fixed amount of time (months, years, etc.) is anxiety-inducing regardless of how ready you thought you were. So I think it'd be more strange if you weren't having these thoughts (even if you didn't voice them out to anyone). Now, admittedly, I'm not in your field. So take my advice with a huge grain of salt, but I think you have to figure out what your end goal is with a doctorate degree. Many want to go into academia and that's really your only way in. If you're not wanting to go into academia, but you'd still benefit with a doctoral degree from whatever your chosen career path is, then you should set yourself up for the best possible outcome by choosing the program that will best benefit you, professionally and academically. If UC Davis is both of those things (admittedly, I'm not well versed on UToronto's academics), then I would (personally, if I were in your shoes) talk to my family, and friends about creating a self-care plan: set up weekly phone times, visits, email or Skype calls, etc. if it means you do end up going to UC Davis and this will give you a solid way to cope and adjust to the distance. Best of luck to you!
  9. URTA MFA acting auditions

    Mind if I PM you to ask more about URTA?
  10. URTA MFA acting auditions

    If you're into solo stuff/more performance art based stuff, have you checked out Naropa University?
  11. URTA MFA acting auditions

    Hey! I saw your post last year when you auditioned for schools. Did you audition this year, seizing? How did they go?!
  12. URTA MFA acting auditions

    Hey Actress89. I did not audition for URTA this year, but I did audition for Case Western. I'm sorry you feel it didn't go well... would you like to share your experience? I am really unfamiliar with URTA and only wanted to focus on one school this year per my mentor's suggestion. This is my first year auditioning, period.
  13. Hi! Quick question for you: I have three withdrawals on my transcript. one from each semester in the 2013-2014 year and one in Fall 2014. The ones from 2013-14 are for medical reasons. The Fall 14 one was from dropping my minor. Despite health complications, I still managed to graduate with a dual major and a 3.63. Should I be concerned about my withdrawals for admissions?
  14. Does the extra stuff matter?

    Hello, all. So I have a question; and forgive me if this isn't the most appropriate place to post this, I wasn't sure where the most appropriate thread is. How much does extracurricular stuff matter? For example, I have been a Resident Assistant for the last four out of my five years of undergrad (and have been recognized in my ResLife department with an award). I have also piloted a service learning thesis project (completely elected, not required by my major) to bring art to the socioeconomically challenged, the project earned me a nomination for a Student Civic Leadership award. Will any of this matter to graduate admission boards the way it matters in undergrad? Or will my application rest solely on grades, rec's, and scores?On top of all that, I am graduating with a dual major and a 3.6 GPA. Thanks!
  15. Hello, all. I'm currently finishing my undergraduate degree in English Lit & Communications. I was unable to get my undergraduate degree in performance and theater but that is the trajectory that I would like my life to go on. I have recently started self-producing community shows in order to have the arts play a more prevalent role in my community. Eventually, I would like to get my MFA but I currently do not have any professional credits to my name. Are those needed for an MFA applicant to be seriously considered or are schools just looking to see experience and commitment in the field? (I am aware that there is another thread very similar to this one, but it was posted in 2013 so I figured it was time to start a new one.) Thanks!