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  1. I lurk this sub-forum fairly regularly because I, too, wanted a PhD in English Lit before going into another field. With that being said, I feel like if you have to ask strangers on the internet about what you should do, it seems clear to me as an outsider that this isn't the right choice for you. I share that with the caveat that I don't know you and you can do whatever you'd like with your life and time; and ultimately, none of us can make that decision for you. However, you seem to have a history of posting here and waffling back and forth about getting a PhD or which sort of program you sh
  2. My biggest fear is that they're not doing a cycle this year. However, I feel like they would have told us already. No, I have never done URTA before - this is my first time. I am glad it's virtual though because I have a feeling that'll off-set a lot of the anxiety of the holding room and the cattle call aspect of it, you know? I auditioned for NYU my first year auditioning for schools (Jan 2019) and I got through all three rounds of callbacks and got to audition for Mark. But I wasn't brought to call-back weekend. It was an experience for sure.
  3. DePaul, URTA, and USD (the flagship, not the Old Globe), if they figure out how they're doing auditions!
  4. I don't. Maybe you can expect not to get one? But then again, maybe they still need to finish picking their 50... who knows.
  5. just NYU with an offer or not....
  6. So I auditioned for Brown in Providence and they said if you don't get a phone call for either the wait list or an offer to join the class, you're going to get an email from Brown Graduate School saying "thanks but no.". Maybe it's just slow? I dunno.. What do you mean by NYU started? As in, they're not done making callback weekend offers? I auditioned for NYU on the 28th, were you there?!
  7. Hi all. I am waiting on potential callback weekend news from NYU (waiting is hard -- has anyone heard ANYTHING?). I also got an end-of-hour callback at Yale, but was not invited to end-of-day interviewing. Still a win to make it down to the final four of the day (only one person moved on to that interview).
  8. I auditioned for Brown at their Providence audition this past Friday and they said a week, week and a half...
  9. @LittleSarah here is the current thread. My CWRU audition was awful last cycle they opened apps, haha.
  10. One of the best pieces of drama ever written. Period.
  11. I'm not a Playwrighting student (Acting) but reading The Wolves by Sarah Delappe.
  12. I feel good to okay. I went to NYC to get some coaching from a Yale grad and she said I have a lot to offer as an actor and to these programs and it made me feel really good. Now it's just up to the powers that be. I'm excited to show them me.
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