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  1. Hey Y'all, I am extremely on the fence about applying again this year....but I think I might as well try. I will likely apply to URTAS again and submit directly to UCLA and UT Austin. Then apply separately to Northwestern...maybe Carnegie Mellon too.
  2. Officially rejected from Washington, no surprise there. Additionally, I turned down Hawai'i. Just not the right program.
  3. Hey @PitbullLady! Thanks for the condolences and congrats on Iowa! Iowa was def a top program for me, so I'm sorry to miss out, but super excited for you! Luckily I did not choose to visit. It was too exspensive for me to swing...although in some ways I wonder if my inability to visit was a deciding factor. I was asked to keep them in mind for next year if I do not end up anywhere this year. But yeah, at no point did they ever make it seem like that was a possibility, so I feel bad for the folks that did visit.
  4. @theatrebythebaygirl last I heard about UCLA and Iowa were that offers were out, no word on acceptances or rejections. I've heard nothing about Texas State or UT either. In the same gray boat with you.
  5. Hey y'all just got an encouraging....rejection from FSU. They are gonna switch to admitting folks every other year, so although they came out to URTAS, interviewed folks multiple times, and invited folks for campus visits, they are not accepting anyone this year. But they told me to apply again next year. Strange!
  6. @rubcar91 sorry to hear that, and thanks for the update. I'll look forward to my NW rejection soon as well. Congrats on Brooklyn College @LRI160!
  7. No updates here, UGH! It's incredibly frustrating to not receive rejections yet, are there some schools that don't send rejections? There are so many people in my community that are asking for updates and I just want to be done with it. I am thinking that there is a 95% chance that I will not be going to school in the fall despite receiving at least one acceptance. But I've learned a lot! Just sucks that it's such an expensive and time/effort consuming lesson. I know better now what I'm looking for in a program though. All that said I'll let folks know when I receive my officia
  8. How's everyone doing? Any insights from finals weekends or news to share? I've been interviewing current students at a particular program (gonna keep it on the DL for now since I think that program is going to make final decisions soon). So that's been insightful.
  9. Just got an email saying I was waitlisted for CMU, surprising since I didn't receive any follow-up after my Skype interview, but more heartening than an outright rejection for sure!
  10. I don't know anything about the program itself, but I did once take a Greek Chorus workshop from Michael Hackett that was incredible/life-changing. And that was enough to make me curious/a little regretful that I didn't look into it as an option. So there's that. How the "industry" views a program can be hard to pin down, I might start by looking at the bios of professors and where they have worked to determine potential network connections.
  11. Had been feeling pretty sad all day, but just got an unofficial acceptance into Hawai'i... So that's something!
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