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  1. ctbck

    MFA Directing 2021

    I've never heard of their program but looking at their website it doesn't look too bad. I'd have to compare it with your existing program but if it doesn't feel like a good fit, a switch might make sense. Northwestern apps are supposed to open this September but nothing yet. Nothing on their website saying that they're waiting until 2022 either, but supposedly that will be on their website if they decide to go that route.
  2. ctbck

    MFA Directing 2021

    Hooray! What programs are you thinking of applying to?
  3. ctbck

    MFA Directing 2021

    You might be interested in The New School. They look to be hybridizing an MFA around playwriting, directing, and acting. I swear I was served an ad about it but can't find much on their website other than this for now: "The School is in the process of developing a new MFA aimed at transforming advanced performing arts training for dramatic artists." If you head to their website you can see there's an email to reach out to. They weren't accepting applications for 20/21 school year.
  4. ctbck

    MFA Directing 2021

    I've found the 4 tent poles this writer sets forth of The Window, The Briefcase, The Knock, and The Telescope to be really helpful for structuring my statement. I feel like I've written and rewritten a bunch, but the two programs I'm applying for both ask for information that naturally flows from those 4 guiding principles. Thanks for sharing!
  5. ctbck

    MFA Directing 2021

    Adding this resource for anyone weighing the pros and cons: https://press.princeton.edu/ideas/navigating-grad-school-in-uncertain-times
  6. Yo everyone! What a wild year it's been already... Who's staying optimistic and applying to schools for the Fall of 2021? This'll be my first year applying and despite everything going on, I promised myself I'd dip my toes in the water this year and I'm sticking to that promise. The good news is that the pandemic has allowed me to really focus on getting some of my materials prepped ahead of time. The bad news is that I've rewritten and rewritten and rewritten....and will probably do so again many times before I actually apply! Are people applying this year? What do you even think the future of theatre will be? The future of education? Let's start the convo!
  7. Did everyone see the news about Yale? https://www.drama.yale.edu/our-plans-2020-21/
  8. I'm already working on essays for this coming Fall. I'll be interested to see what the process is like. Bummed that 3 shows I had slated have been postponed but what can you do? I figure my resume and experience is still worth tossing my hat in the ring this coming year and I'm really itching to get to work so maybe it'll all work out.
  9. I know someone who made it into Iowa! I believe they've accepted. Also, seeing so many people I know make it in makes me wish I had applied this year...
  10. I know at least one offer for Yale has gone out and been accepted.
  11. I have a friend who went their straight out of undergrad. She was primarily interested in film and has produced stuff more than she's directed since attending. What she has directed look to be shorts based on her IMDB. If you'd like, I can connect you two.
  12. Congrats! What was the interview at Northwestern like?
  13. Did the people who applied to Northwestern through URTAS get interviews while anyone who applied directly didn't get anything?
  14. I'm interested in getting a discussion going about Statements of Purpose/Artist Statements. Does anyone else just feel horribly cliche writing about themselves/why theatre? I know there's no formula for these things but what are some overarching things you find yourself touching on from app to app?
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