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  1. That's my impression based on how their website currently reads, but I haven't asked. Enough is happening with vaccines that maybe they would consider in-person with distancing and masks, but since they're still remote learning next quarter I'm not sure how that would work. I guess we'll see, but at least the scene from FAR AWAY to direct isn't super movement based.
  2. I feel good about my one app. My final letter of rec was sent in last night, so I of course had lots of dreams about interviewing and the process. Glad that it's done with, but definitely trying to gather at much info as possible about the potential interview and directing a scene portion of DePaul's application process since directing actors I don't know on Zoom seems... Challenging!
  3. Just reread last year's thread. I feel like by this time last year there was much more chatter, but maybe the big spikes are more during and after December? With several programs like Yale and Northwestern off the table this year, how much do you all think that's going to affect who applies / how competitive the programs that are accepting students are?
  4. I've got an app in to DePaul this year and that's looking like it just because of life stuff and needing to stay local. Just waiting on my 3rd letter of rec and that will be officially submitted and just waiting to hear about finalists in January. Wish Northwestern was accepting apps too, but I've been impressed with DePaul's program. Love the opportunity to direct 5 productions.
  5. Beyond being cheaper I'm glad that it's looking like if I get in I'll not be missing out on much as theaters rebuild and play catch-up. CMU's program has a new head this year right?
  6. I'm not doing URTAs since I need to stay local, but best of luck! How are they working this year? I'm assuming everything is going to be via Zoom where I applied...
  7. Officially applied to DePaul!
  8. I'm wondering this as well. Looking into MFA programs in Canada.
  9. Thinking about programs in Canada... Does anyone have any thoughts/advice about international applications, visas, etc?
  10. That's great info. I know DePaul still has the directors pitch shows model but while things are digital, things are a bit more fluid in terms of whether the actor you want will really work on the project with you or not. That being said, the head of their program seems cautiously optimistic about in-person work for Spring 2022, which is when their first years' first projects are. Fall is more theory and analysis by design.
  11. How are we feeling? Antsy about the election? Tired of quarantining? I feel like I've revised my SOP for what I hope to be the last time... 28 versions later.
  12. Yeah, I definitely feel mixed but am only applying local this year anyway because of COVID in the first place. I know CalArts, DePaul, and Juilliard (MFA Acting, no directing) are all moving forward with accepting for 2021 — they had a panel for interested applicants this past week. They're also all not funded programs; I think that forces NU and Brown's hands a bit.
  13. From Northwestern: Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have suspended recruitment for MFA programs in Acting, Directing, and Stage Design during academic year 2020-21. We will resume recruiting when it is safe and advisable to do so.
  14. Has Northwestern opened their application portal yet? I see other programs available to apply to but not design or directing
  15. Hey there @cf99! I'm only applying to local schools this year but depending on how November goes I might need to start researching Canadian schools too hahahaha.... This'll be my first year applying, too. Best of luck to you!
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