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  1. That's where my head's at but I'm still supposed to hear back either way from them since I'm on the wait list... Just ready to start next year's apps!
  2. Yeah I read the FAQ of DePaul and it says that they might notify you anywhere between April and June. I really don't want to wait until June lol.
  3. How's everyone doing? Anyone else living in waitlist land still? Hoping for some news 4/15. At this point I def want to be in school but if I'm going to have to hang out with my current job for another year before applying again then I'd like to know sooner than later. The waiting is killing me!
  4. I have a friend who was a finalist and got their no back from them this week. Congrats!! You gotta follow your gut. Glad to hear great things about South Dakota and Baylor... I'll have to look into those programs. I know Baylor has a baller stage management program.
  5. Gotcha. Best of luck!
  6. I haven't heard anything, sorry! If you interviewed back in January though I'd say it's totally fine to reach out about updates.
  7. Update: turns out I just needed to check my email. I'm waitlisted at DePaul!
  8. I learned A LOT! It was my first year applying and I still haven't found out either way about the school I was a finalist for, but I have a feeling it's not my year based on some of the feedback I got and the way it was delivered. While that's a bit of a bummer, I'm psyched that I WAS a finalist. And I have stuff to work on in the interim and apply to the backlog of shows I was slated to work on pre-COVID. I think an important thing I learned is that I want to go to a school that's ready to meet me where I'm at. And I was reminded that there are ways to go about practicing and growing on
  9. Interview over. I didn't realize how exhausting that was going to be until it ended! I feel like I did the best I could so now it's just time to wait. Got really great feedback which of course feels like reasons I won't get in this year but also makes me just want to go even more so I can continue getting more feedback!! Their timeline is supposedly this week so we will see what happens.
  10. Ok awesome. I was planning on a collared button up shirt but might go short sleeve just so I don't end up sweating too much from nerves/if my heaters kick on lol Break legs at CMU tomorrow!!
  11. Tomorrow's my interview with DePaul! Nervous, excited, and feeling good about all my prep work. Here's a question: what have y'all been wearing for interviews?
  12. I have a friend who applied to Iowa... Any word from them?
  13. Congrats! Where will you be attending in the Fall?
  14. This is all great information, and the nerd in me loves knowing numbers of applicants. I wonder if that's more or less than normal due to COVID. Great to be an alternate... Hoping more good news in your future. My interview with DePaul is end of the month but this Saturday is the other day of interviews. So I still have some time to prep/worry/prep.
  15. Heard from a friend that offers to Ohio and East15 are out.
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