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  1. Did everyone see the news about Yale? https://www.drama.yale.edu/our-plans-2020-21/
  2. I'm already working on essays for this coming Fall. I'll be interested to see what the process is like. Bummed that 3 shows I had slated have been postponed but what can you do? I figure my resume and experience is still worth tossing my hat in the ring this coming year and I'm really itching to get to work so maybe it'll all work out.
  3. I know someone who made it into Iowa! I believe they've accepted. Also, seeing so many people I know make it in makes me wish I had applied this year...
  4. I know at least one offer for Yale has gone out and been accepted.
  5. I have a friend who went their straight out of undergrad. She was primarily interested in film and has produced stuff more than she's directed since attending. What she has directed look to be shorts based on her IMDB. If you'd like, I can connect you two.
  6. Congrats! What was the interview at Northwestern like?
  7. Did the people who applied to Northwestern through URTAS get interviews while anyone who applied directly didn't get anything?
  8. I'm interested in getting a discussion going about Statements of Purpose/Artist Statements. Does anyone else just feel horribly cliche writing about themselves/why theatre? I know there's no formula for these things but what are some overarching things you find yourself touching on from app to app?
  9. Is Vanessa still running the program at UCSD? She is wonderful. I also believe it's a fully funded program.
  10. I'm on the fence about applying this year. Mostly because of financial factors -- even though I plan on only applying for programs with assistantships/funding, I still would like to be closer to being debt free. At the same time, I feel a time crunch based on the fact that the longer I remain in my arts admin job at a larger theatre the more likely someone is going to be to say "Hey, why aren't you just pursuing that field more seriously instead?" It would also be my first year applying, which is scary to me, but I know I have to jump off that cliff sooner or later. @ruthev, I'll PM you my website. I'd definitely love your thoughts on it, too, as I've decided that this week I'm going to really try and get it and my resume updated in case I do bite the bullet and decide to submit this year.
  11. @NJChicago how did Yale go? What did they ask you or have you do?
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