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  1. This thread is incredible. Thanks for posting this info... it's all very good advice. A bit overwhelming, but very, very good.
  2. I'm sure you posted this a long time ago, so please forgive my laxity, but this was extremely, extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing this.
  3. Bad news friends: a few people who applied to Tisch got called for interviews last weekend. Granted, this info is secondhand, but I trust the source.
  4. Rejected from UCLA today. Out of the various programs I applied to, UCLA was the largest, so this doesn't bode well. Another year in the trenches, my friends!
  5. Right on, honeysalt! It sounds like you're really cleaning house. Have you heard from any other schools yet?
  6. No, haven't heard from any of those. I'm assuming they all interview though, so this is probably not a good sign.
  7. Was anybody interviewed? I'm assuming if I didn't have an interview, I wasn't admitted. Is this reasonable?
  8. Hey everyone, This is kind of a general question... I've noticed on the boards and heard from a few friends that their directing/ acting auditions are already set up for mid-March. Do you think this means that we didn't get playwriting interviews? Is it possible that the playwriting programs interview later (or is this just wishful thinking on my part)?
  9. Man, I HOPE they're reading everything! Sometimes I wonder...
  10. Hey there, Yeah of course! I applied at some of the same... Yale, NYU, UCLA, UCSD. As yet, haven't heard anything, either.
  11. Just had a quick question... doing preliminary research about possibly applying for a freestanding MA in Literature, especially interested in Romantic/ fin de siecle British literature. Anybody in a really great program? Which programs do you recommend?
  12. Playwriting MFA program hopeful... Anybody heard anything yet? Interviews? Acceptances? Rejections? Anything?
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