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  1. I'm on their waitlist and heard nothing I would reach out!
  2. Columbia and NYU acceptances have gone out!
  3. Got a rejection letter from Brown today.
  4. NYU callback weekenders have been getting calls since last Wednesday. I know people who got a call Wednesday, Thursday and friday. Does anyone know what it means if you haven't gotten a call yet
  5. Hey okay, so yeah NYU started making offers so they are not done yet at least i'm hoping lol. And I auditioned on the 20th! Yeah I have-not heard anything from Brown I know the rejection e-mails have already gone out though. What other schools are you waiting for?
  6. Obviously you do not need a degree to be a working actor. And it doesn't matter what school you go to it matters how you take the training. But at the end of the day Yale, NYU, Juillaird & ACT even Brown put out more working actors from these grad programs. I heard through the grapevine that an alumni from my university is in the actors studio and he is not enjoying his time there. If you're apply to grad school focus on location, training and post grad opportunities. also here is a link to a really cool list of shows premiering and how many leads have grad acting degrees and fr
  7. NYU started reaching out y'all if your waiting on NYU can quote this post? How did your audition go? is it your top choice? Have you applied before?
  8. So this year was my third go round at MFA auditions! I can get into my story much later but this year I applied to NYU, YALE, Columbia, Brown and DePaul University Made it to end of day at all the schools except Yale ( Lol) I heard back from Columbia about a week ago for callback weekend. And now i'm waiting for Brown, NYU & DePaul. I'll keep y'all updated okay please keep updating this post. Good luck everyone
  9. seriously, wait so if you didn't get a rejection letter did you get in?
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