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  1. Didn't see a thread so I thought I'd start one for us applying to Acting MFAs this winter! Second time around, planning on arriving better prepared and with more *me* in the audition room. Where is everyone applying? Best of luck!
  2. So, where did everyone end up going?
  3. I definitely recommend the Manhattan Prep Set of 8 Strategy Guides and the Manhattan Prep Flash Cards. I began my prep with Magoosh and liked it, but Manhattan Prep did a great job of making me feel confident about the material, especially important as the real GRE ended up being much more difficult than the practice tests I took. Got a 166V 161Q (slightly disappointed with my Q score, was hoping for 330+, but I supposed it's still strong). Good luck!
  4. I did! I auditioned in New York. The greatest draws for me were the program's relationship with Trinity Rep and the opportunity to take directing and playwriting as an actor. I had heard fantastic things about Brown from my professor, who's an alum of the program.
  5. hey everyone, it seems that first round offers have gone out for Brown/Trinity Rep Acting MFA. sorely disappointed, but hoping for a waitlist offer.
  6. Would also like to know if Brown made any phone calls today, whether for directing or acting
  7. Has anyone applied to Brown or DePaul?
  8. Hey Grad Cafe! Thought it was about time to get this thread started! Who else is applying for admission to an Acting MFA program? Questions, anxieties, successes, share them here.
  9. Hello Grad Cafe! This is my first post on the forum and I am excited to start this maniacal journey called grad school. I'm still in college, and probably won't apply to any PhD programs until the winter after graduation in order to have the strongest possible application. I have sort of a tumultuous undergraduate experience, and I was hoping I could describe it to you and my plans for the future to get a sense of my chances for a good PhD program. Please be brutally honest! I started college at a local University and got a 4.0 before transferring to a top-10 research university. I w
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