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  1. seizing

    Fall 2019 Theater/Performance Studies PhD

    I will more than likely be an applicant next year. Finishing up my MA in English at the moment. I'm specifically looking into theatre programs rather than performance studies. I generally know where I am going to apply, but I also want to reach out and ask if anyone knows professors who do research in the postdramatic, particularly in the states. Happy application season!
  2. seizing

    Is grad school right for an actor/dramaturg?

    If you're going down the dramatic literature path, be sure to contact professors who do research in dramatic lit and check the curriculum of the program. English is very well rounded in that classes can cover plays, memoirs, poetry, etc but that can also be its hinderance. Also, English people are fucking weird compared to theater people.
  3. UMass Amherst has a Phd in Communication with a focus in performance studies and rhetoric. Might be worth looking into!
  4. Conferences are important because they show that you're actively involved in research. Attending and presenting can also help articulate your points and give you new ideas for research. Also, the networking is real. I attended a comic arts conference, got a panelist's contact info, and was invited to attend a more in depth panel about utilizing comics in the classroom. I haven't yet presented at one during my MA, but I know I am prepared because of the ones I've been to so far.
  5. seizing

    Directing MFA for 2018 - Let's connect

    I'm sorry that you experienced that. I've heard of age discrimination for Acting, but not directing. The head of directing at my undergrad preferred older people for the MFA program, as they had more life experience (which is totally understandable), and by benefit of being a UC they had funding for graduate students. If y
  6. seizing

    Houston-Econ PhD

    It would be interesting to see if there were any interdisciplinary applicants in english and econ, however I don't know if this is the subforum you are looking for. Econ would be here -> https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/34-economics/
  7. seizing

    Arts Administration (etc.) Fall 2018

    Woops. Yup that was my bad.
  8. seizing

    Arts Administration (etc.) Fall 2018

    Two of my buddies are doing their MFAs in Theater Admin at Iowa and Asolo. I'd recommend looking at them, too. Asolo is one of the better theater schools out there, and I've also heard good things about Iowa.
  9. seizing

    UCI fall '17 or USC spring '18

    Both are incredibly good schools, and you'd be fine at whichever one you choose. That said, the things you might consider are commute (do you live in the OC or LA?) and apartments in the area. Also, would you prefer to finish your degree earlier since you start in fall at UCI vs the next spring at USC? Also, what is the deal with your funding; is your work paying for it or did they offer fellowships?
  10. I will be going into my MA program this upcoming fall with a BA in Drama and an AA in Social Science. I just have to take an upper division class to get accustomed to the field and the research. That pushes my graduation date to Fall 2019 for a total of 2.5 years, but I'm fine with that.
  11. seizing

    2017 Acceptances

    I am normally in the Theatre side of the forum, but I recently got an acceptance from Cal Poly Pomona for their Masters in English, with an option in literature!
  12. seizing

    URTA MFA acting auditions

    Go for it! I'll be happy to answer questions.
  13. seizing

    URTA MFA acting auditions

    They seem interesting, but I definitely prefer schools that offer good financial aid/ TA ships as well. That was something I learned about myself when I auditioned for URTAs- places like SCAD weren't interesting to me. I like the prospect of teaching as well. Call me nitpicky, you'd be right.
  14. seizing

    URTA MFA acting auditions

    Haha not this year. Taking time off to build my resume in some way. I am currently taking improv at Upright Citizens Brigade, which has been SUCH a blast. I also read a draft of a solo show I was developing during my last quarter at UCI to some friends, got some great notes. I might jump in next year for Ohio State, since their program centers around solo work and self generated work. I would still like UMKC though, but they begin auditions at the end of 2018, beginning of 2019. All these rolling admissions give me such a headache

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