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  1. Hey @LCampbell I hadn't found any in my research up to this point, but just now stumbled on one at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Have you seen the list of MFA Directing programs that Baylor maintains? It's been extremely helpful. Comprehensive Listing of MFA Programs in Directing (USA & Canada) I'm working on URTA stuff right now. Everything is due on December 2nd! yeeee How's everyone else doing?
  2. Hey @Soongil_Lee! Welcome aboard. Good luck in South Korea! That's very exciting.
  3. thanks @ruthev for getting this started! I am gearing up to apply this year. I applied three years ago and got some interviews, but wasn't accepted into any programs. Obviously I was disappointed, but I went into it looking for a learning opportunity and I definitely got it! I spent those three years working on myself and my craft and I feel a lot more confident coming into it this year (for now anyway - I know I am going to be a panicy mess by the time I start submitting applications, yeesh). I am looking forward to connecting with everyone through Grad Cafe. It was a great resource last time for pointers and support. I am excited to get help and be helpful! (In the past I have seen people caution towards anonymity on this forum, but I am not 100% sure why. If anyone has any thoughts about that I'd love to hear them. In the mean time here is my website. www.seveisaacs.com )
  4. @Squidpunk that is an incredible story! I can actually relate and confirm. I applied for the first time last year and didn't get anywhere past a couple of interviews with some really cool schools, but i learned so much about myself and my art through that process. I've directed four productions since my last interview and each one has gotten so much better than the one before it, as opposed to before I applied where each production kind of felt like I had plateaued in my progression as an artist. I chose not to apply this year, and I feel pretty good about that choice, but I've been lurking around here a lot and I gotta say I am jealous of you all and I am inspired by you all, and, even though we've never met or even had a real conversation, I am sure proud of you all as well. Keep up the good work everyone! <3
  5. Congrats @_RICdirects_!!! That's so amazing! Great job!
  6. Sorry to hear that @Directorial. I, too, was pulling for you.
  7. @Directorial Crossing my fingers, my toes, my eyes for you! @AgentMike That sucks man. I'm still waiting to hear from one, but I don't really have much hope. I just assume I am rejected at this point, and honestly I don't think I would accept a slot if I was offered. I didn't get a strong positive feeling about that program in the interview I got my official rejection from Iowa a few days ago. That stung, but it was not really a surprise. Kind of like AgentMike's experience, I figured out that I didn't get in 3 weeks ago through these forums. The letter just made it official. On a positive note, I've gotten some great ideas from several of you guys on how to develop myself as an artist more in hopes that I will do better in future application seasons. Thank you so much for that! I feel pretty good about the future now. Just gotta implement those plans and ideas. As always, good luck to those of you who are still waiting!
  8. @galbi7892 Got the official "unfortunately we were unable to recommend your admission to the Master of Fine Arts program in the Department of Theater for the Fall 2017 semester." letter from UMass. I got an email about it on 2/25 and the letter was uploaded to SPIRE on 2/27 Haven't heard anything official from my URTA schools, but I assume that no news is bad news at this point. So I think I am officially out of the race for the 2017/18 season. Disappointed and a bit discouraged, but hopeful for the future. I think people are getting hung up on all my high school credits, which is unfortunate, but understandable I guess. If anyone has any big ideas or advice for how I can make myself a more attractive candidate for future MFA application/interview rounds please send me a PM! I would love to pick your brain(s) I am happy for all of you who had success this season, and hopeful for those of you who are still waiting and for those of you in similar boats to mine! Lets gear up and kick ass next year (or the year after! or the year after that!) <3
  9. @galbi7892 I still haven't heard anything. I've checked the website every day this week. No changes. Next week or the week after is when I had originally estimated to be the soonest we could hear from them based on information from their website (6 weeks after the January 15 deadline to apply)
  10. I haven't heard anything from anybody. I assume that since @Boseph16 and @Directorial both found out that they were accepted/wait listed respectively at Iowa (Congrats to both of you!!!) on Monday that I will be getting a rejection from them one of these days. Still don't think I want to go to East 15, but it would be nice to see how they felt about me. UMass Amherst is still processing the applications. I wonder when we will be hearing from that program. Monday was a rough day for me - very discouraging, but I am keeping my chin up! Gotta prepare myself to do some good work and do better next year! Good luck to you guys at DePaul! and to the rest of you waiting. Hopefully there's good news for all!
  11. I've been awake for an hour and a half and I've only checked my email four times (six times)
  12. We did have a good conversation about the assistantship options available and he handed me a folder with a letter from him that mentioned the financial package in it.
  13. @Boseph16 I didn't get any such email after my URTA interview with Alan...
  14. I think the hardest part about the waiting is reflecting back on my interviews, picking them apart, and overthinking every little thing I could have done better.
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