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  1. Yes, I did. I'm curious if anyone's school has come out with a comprehensive plan like Yale's? If so or if not, please DM me so we can chat...
  2. I really meant that - this year is strange right?! What a year to go or not go to grad school in...
  3. Soooooo how is everyone? For those "going" to school in fall how are we feeling?
  4. @Tui77 Wohoo! Congratulations! I too received an offer letter yesterday (from BU)! Fingers crossed for everyone waiting.
  5. Sounds like you want to hear if anyone has heard yet, @theatrebythebaygirl... I don't know about that so I can't be of help that front... But I do know nearly every school is going remote, cutting classes, cancelling productions, or preparing to do so in the near future. For the folks in the "haven't heard" pool that means everything is slowed down. I bet there will be no word for an entire month (especially with spring breaks in there too). Departments are not only grappling with working remotely, but rescheduling a how to proceed with learning in a field in which folks are required to be in a room together. You're not alone in the wait, hang in there!
  6. Well, even though some folks have not heard yet, the wait may go on. Some schools have delayed processing because of covid 19. @littlepeep C has suspended classes so that may impact notices
  7. Also - If it helps to know: Yale had interviews as late as February when I scheduled mine... And @CatMeow in regards to an earlier question: I'd say it's pretty common to apply multiple times. The grad students I spoke to this year at each college definitely had several rounds (only 1 lucked out with 1 year 1 school!). Hope everyone does great on their interviews!
  8. I all! NW - rejection Yale - Interview Anyone hear from BU yet?
  9. @espooky Yale breaks down the cost of tuition on their site now, it's very clear! Does anyone know the general cost of Northwestern?
  10. Break a leg! I bet the finances will work out. If you can, will you let me know what you thought of the program after you interview?
  11. @ManderLemon How did Sarah Lawrence go? Did you learn anything? I did not apply this year, but was curious for future years. It looks expensive tho! Good luck everyone. This grad school thing is just short of a mind fuck. If I'm ever in the 1%, I'm creating more grad programs and full funding for theatre makers. And if socialism ever works out I'm lobbying for state funded theatres that train directors
  12. @Picaresque Congrats!! I just messaged you! Only a few of us on here applied this year I believe.
  13. @_RICdirects_ One of my friends went to Memphis and loved it! Hope it works out. I hear it's not all that unwelcoming for northerners May I ask how did you hear from BU? Did you interview? Fingers crossed for all waitlisters! and congrats @Boseph16
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