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  1. Rlata84

    MFA Directing 2019- Let's Connect

    Interviewing in NYC tomorrow for Penn State. Rest of my interviews are at the Chicago URTAs. I’m leaning toward “dressy-casual” nice dark jeans, fun patterned button up shirt and a sport jacket. Good shoes. No tie.
  2. Rlata84

    MFA Directing 2019- Let's Connect

    Ok hivemind - this may seem a frivolous question, but I’m curious to know what you all are wearing to your interviews. I want to look professional and show some self expression, but I don’t want to be too overdressed or underdressed. Thoughts?
  3. Rlata84

    MFA Directing 2019- Let's Connect

    @handfulofdust Thank you for your reply! It is extremely helpful!
  4. Rlata84

    MFA Directing 2019- Let's Connect

    @handfulofdust thank you very much! Glad to hear good things about Ohio. I’m a little skeptical about it only because I am already well one Ted with their network and their partnering theatre as I live just 90 minutes away. Just thinking about whether or not it would allow me the growth I’m seeking. There is something very attractive about moving away to a city and state where I know no one and can truly unlock and engage without distraction —— I am interested to hear more about your attraction to East 15. What makes this program stand out to you? Is there much opportunity for practicum? I’m not finding as many details as I would like.
  5. Rlata84

    MFA Directing 2019- Let's Connect

    Hi!! UT recruited me for interview at URTA, but I really don’t know much about their program. What attracts you to it? Unfortunately I don’t know when either school sends notifications. Maybe make a follow up call if your apps have been in for a while. Sarah Lawrence seems like a cool program. I like how specialized it can be. Did you visit? I thought about applying, but could not find any info on funding.
  6. Rlata84

    MFA Directing 2019- Let's Connect

    Update: confirmed URTA interviews in Chicago with FSU and Texas State, both of which I had contacted with letters of interest. Also pleasantly surprised to have been asked to interview with three schools to whom I did not send letters - University of Texas Austin, Ohio University, and East 15. I am a little bummed to not book interviews with Northwestern or UC Irvine, but I’m happy with my prospects. Still in the running for Penn State, and have just applied to UCSD. Congrats on Yale interviews to @jujuak and @CalitoTexas18‘s husband! Anyone else hear from URTA today? Anyone going to URTA in Chicago? Would love to meet up.
  7. Rlata84

    MFA Directing 2019- Let's Connect

    @36Biscotti yes I’m doing the Chicago interviews on January 25th. Thankfully I have a busy day today to distract me from checking my email every ten seconds - only have time to check it once a minute haha. Seems reasonable, right?
  8. Rlata84

    MFA Directing 2019- Let's Connect

    @36Biscotti congrats on the URTA interviews. Will you be attending in NYC or Chicago?I haven’t heard from them yet. @handfulofdust I have had my eye on Penn State for years. I’ve met Susan at conferences in the past and think she would be a wonderful mentor.
  9. Rlata84

    MFA Directing 2019- Let's Connect

    Hi friends! So happy to find this site and thread. This has been such an isolating process, its very nice to meet others going through the same thing! I’ve spent many hours this morning reading threads from past application cycles in addition to catching up on this one. This week is the first stressful waiting week in the process. I’ve applied to several schools through URTA (Northwestern, Illinois State, Indiana University, Florida State, Texas State, and UC Irvine). I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how many schools were participating in URTA after reading from last year’s posts that the selection was so small. Wonder if URTA was more active in their recruiting efforts, or if there are just more schools recruiting for odd numbered years. It is said we are to receive interview invitations by Friday. Hope those of you who’ve applied through URTA update us all on here! in addition to the schools above, I’ve also applied to Penn State and UCSD. I’m very grateful that I’ve got through the first two rounds for Penn State and will be interviewing January 12. Anyone else on this thread apply to Penn? Im primarily a musical theatre director and have a secondary interest in choreography. Is anyone here in the same or similar boat? I would love to know what schools you’re considering.

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