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  1. I got into Sarah Lawrence! Received an email from the head of the department today saying that I should get some more official information from the school in the next few days. Curious to see how the financial aid will work!
  2. My interview at Sarah Lawrence this past weekend went so well. Everything that I observed about the program was really awesome, especially if you're interested in creating your own work! Should hear from them next week!
  3. Absolutely! My interview/audition is on March 9. They're doing one-on-one interviews with everyone and then there will be a group workshop. I'm nervous as heck.
  4. @Tintintheegg I actually just got an email from Sarah Lawrence inviting me to interview with them. It does look expensive - I've tried to get more information about their financial aid but I'm having trouble!
  5. @Odysseus24601 Sending you positive energy and good vibes!
  6. Hello everyone! Long time reader, first time poster. Just wanted to say hey and join the discussion! I'm applying to UT Austin's MFA Directing program and also to Sarah Lawrence's Theatre MFA program. I visited UT's campus about a month ago and had a wonderful visit. I'm not doing URTA's or anything like that - I'm based in Nashville and working on a limited budget. I've got ten years of professional theatre experience, mostly acting, but realized in the past couple of years that my focus has shifted to directing and devising. I'm interested to know when UT and Sarah Lawrence send out invitations for interviews outside of URTAs. This is my first year applying for grad school, so I'm learning as I go! If anyone has any information about either of these programs, or about how their interview process works, I would love to hear it.
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