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  1. I'm wondering the same! Also, has anyone heard from Alabama or University of Massachusetts Amherst? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have any experience interviewing with Texas State? What type of questions did they ask or any advice for the Skype interview? Thanks!
  3. Also, does anyone have any thoughts about Brooklyn College's program? Any insight would be great! Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone! Does anyone have any insight into FSU's MFA Directing program? What are your thoughts about it? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! Has anyone attended SETC LiNK as a way to interview for directing programs? What was your experience and would you recommend it? Or, if you attended for a different field, did you find it worthwhile? I’m trying to decide if I should fly to Atlanta to attend. Additionally, how does it compare to URTA? Do you find that program also worthwhile? Any input or advice on either SETC LiNK or URTA would be appreciated! Thanks so much!
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