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  1. Directing MFA for 2018 - Let's connect

    I haven’t heard from them either. Last year they sent out Skype interview requests on January 3rd... hmm...
  2. Directing MFA for 2018 - Let's connect

    Got the email from Brown today! Anyone else interviewing for them in Chicago on Feb 7th?
  3. Directing MFA for 2018 - Let's connect

    I interviewed with UCLA once and found Jose to be very cold, but that also could have been his pokerface. He asked very general questions "What excites you as an artist" "Why UCLA? Especially when we have no funding" "What directors do you admire?" etc. In the end he didn't even ask to see my portfolio, I am the one who had to ask. It was weird. The person before me had them laughing and ran over time... Could be completely different for you though. UPDATE: Applied to CalArts, CMU, Brown and PigIron. Have interviews with all 4 (though everyone gets a first round interview with Brown and CMU) A lot more programs than I expected to submit to, but I got carried away. Pig Iron's MFA seems very like an exciting non-traditional training for artists of the future which I am all about.
  4. Directing MFA for 2018 - Let's connect

    Yale is great because they never look for a certain type of director - I have realized that I am more interested in non-traditional theatre training where the director is generator of ideas as well as ensemble/physical training. Plus, spending a year doing shakespeare sounds AWFUL to me... I will say that it was clear in my interview they really care about getting to know who you are as an artist and take the time to have a true conversation about what excites you.
  5. Directing MFA for 2018 - Let's connect

    HI GUYS! Been reading this thread for a while now. This year and last year's has been extremely helpful. Wish I had found this sooner. After a couple years of interviewing at Yale (but no acceptance) I have decided to apply to different places that fit my needs and style better. Applied to: CMU, CalArts and possibly Brown. CalArts' lack of funding does scare me in this industry. On the fence about Brown. Can't really get a feel for what their program is about from their website. Their deadline extended to January 8th, so I have 4 days to decide. Already got an interview for CalArts! Evidently CMU interviews everyone for first round. WELP - interview season is quickly approaching...! Wishing you all luck!