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  1. I just found out that the two people who were given offers to CalArts have accepted and paid their deposits. Thus, they won't be taking me from the waitlist. Alas... no acceptances for me. This is my last year applying. Not meant to be.... Best of luck to all those accepted and for future applicants!
  2. Congrats to the latest acceptances! Such awesome news! Two updates: 1) Received the official rejection from Brown after they waitlisted me for the callbacks. Honestly I’m quite mad as i found out that an alternate did end up goin to callbacks and they didn’t let me know until a week after the fact... I canceled a spring break trip just in case. Ugh. 2) I am waitlisted for CalArts, which is exciting! Given my current work situation though, I needed to know ASAP as they are nailing down next season’s assignments... puts me in a tricky position. The debt also freaks me out even
  3. YAS @E. Karenina CONGRATS! Such an awesome news day in this group!
  4. @MadamDirector CONGRATULATIONS! I have a friend who did that program a few years ago and absolutely loved it! SO happy for you!
  5. @Squidpunk Well, Let's hope you get into Yale - but now for two reasons!
  6. NEVER heard of a school doing this, but just found out that I am on the waitlist for the finalist weekend at Brown... Part of me thinks they must do that because in years past, people have decided not to attend due to other acceptances? But then the other part of me wonders what the chances are of me getting in as their #7 choice even if I do get bumped into the actual final 6... Just weird.
  7. So many great visits and next round offers! Exciting y'all! Anyone hear from Brown? They said they'd let us know by today either way... yet no word.
  8. Interview with Brown went well I think! Kinda got really excited after it. For those interested, he said that we'll know if we make it to the final round by February 15th. They're narrowing it down to 6 for a callback in Providence March 9-11th.
  9. Anyone going to be at the Brown interviews in Chicago wednesday?
  10. Yea I have heard pretty negative experiences with CMU interviews. What a shame! So exciting to hear about all these 2nd interviews! Looks like I’ll be going out to LA for CalArts 2nd round! YAY!
  11. Had my CalArts interview today. Really interesting conversation and more casual than I expected. He’s hard to read but I think it went well!
  12. @Theater Maker when did you receive your request from CMU? I haven't received mine but I thought they interviewed everyone first round? Maybe they've changed that... Hmm...
  13. I haven’t heard from them either. Last year they sent out Skype interview requests on January 3rd... hmm...
  14. Got the email from Brown today! Anyone else interviewing for them in Chicago on Feb 7th?
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