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  1. I disagree with this. A lot of exceptionally talented people apply there. The work at the auditions was very impressive and many of the people who were there got accepted into what are considered the best MFA programs. The faculty is also outstanding. It's also becoming much more diverse gradually, and they have obviously taken steps to make their directing, playwriting, and acting classes more diverse. I also think the skills of their graduates are on par with any grad school. Grad school is what you make of it, rather than what the program makes you. But we can definitely agree tha
  2. I'd like to give an update on my MFA application process. I was waitlisted for my two top schools (not including Yale of course): Brooklyn College and Columbia. I'm bummed about Brooklyn college because it's affordable, especially for residents of NYC. It would be much more financially doable and I wouldn't have to move to a new city. I was recently offered a slot at Columbia and I'm afraid it's going to be nearly impossible for me to afford it. My situation is probably different than others on this forum because I am in my 40s. Going into debt in your 40s is a lot different than going i
  3. I dropped my application to Brooklyn College off in person today because I live locally. Afterward, I went to the theater and asked the box office manager if I could check out the space and he gave me a tour! It's a pretty cool space and they are in the process of building a new facility. This is where I'm at: Yale: rejected Columbia: invited to the audition day Northwestern: nothing (though it sounds like they reached out to people today so I'm assuming I'm rejected) UCSD: nothing UT Austen: nothing Brooklyn College: submitted my application in the nick of
  4. I just got my official rejection email from Yale. Dems the breaks! Anyone hear from UT Austin yet?
  5. I hope everyone is staying sane during the waiting game and having great interviews! Does anyone know anything about University of South Dakota's program? I don't know much about it.
  6. HI Everyone! I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts so I decided to jump in. So far i've applied to Yale, Columbia, Northwestern, UT Austin, and UCSD. My final application is Brooklyn College which is due soon. One thing I just realized is that I never got a confirmation email from Yale that they received my application. This seems strange because all of the other schools sent one immediately after submitting. I checked my Yale account and it says "paid" and "submitted." Also, in the Yale account it doesn't show my personal statement and resume check marked on the list of completed i
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