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  1. @E. Karenina I got my CMU rejection email last week. I think the interview wasn't fair as Caden was in a rush and it took just 10 min. I have been invited to the New Scool Callback weekend in March. The rest is just waiting.
  2. Did anyone else apply to the New School?
  3. I got my CMU interview invitation yesterday
  4. @E. Karenina My interview with UCLA went well. All the committee members were friendly and we had a good conversation. The questions were general as it was expected. I haven't heard anything from CNU and Northwestern too. It is frustrating.
  5. Thank you so much @MadamDirector, @Eccyclema, and @per4mance for your help. I hope everything goes perfectly with your interviews.
  6. Hello everyone! I'll have the UCLA interview Friday or Sunday. What questions should I expect? I have no idea.
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