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  1. @Squidpunk I just checked back in one last time to see if you had an update, and I'm so glad I did! Congrats on Brown--I'm so thrilled that you found a program that's a great fit for you!
  2. @Squidpunk Congratulations on Columbia!! That's so great! Hope Brown goes well also. Either one of those would be an awesome program to be in! Go, you!!
  3. @Squidpunk @MadamDirector @per4mance @forestofarden Thank you SO MUCH for the support. You are all lovely. This process has been incredibly stressful, and I appreciate y'all having my back. xo
  4. Hi all, I am happy to report that I have just officially accepted a spot at UMass Amherst, which was my top program. Thanks for being such a lovely support system during this process. Best wishes to all of you.
  5. @MadamDirector FANTASTIC!! I am so thrilled for you. Plus, Boston is an incredible city. Best wishes!
  6. Sorry, done with directing. An acquaintance who applied for playwriting was notified of an interview, so I know they have at least started that process. I don't know the timeline for playwriting.
  7. @theatregrad18 Sorry, I don't have any info on Theatre Studies. They are already through directing and playwriting interview though.
  8. @Directorial Noooo!!! Sorry to hear that. They got the tuition part right but the you part wrong. I just got my Northwestern rejection today as well. Friday nights are all right for rejection letters apparently.
  9. Brown is now fully covering tuition for MFA Acting and Directing students starting this fall. Well done, Brown! https://news.brown.edu/articles/2018/02/mfa
  10. UMass interview went very well! There are a lot of pros about the program and a few cons that I wouldn't have known about without visiting. They are now finished with interviews, and they said they will be making decisions soon. So @MadamDirector I think we will hear from them in the next week or two.
  11. @MadamDirector Thank you!! I'm definitely excited also. They have all been so kind and accommodating via email, that I'm sure it will be a great couple of days. Now, to drop my dogs off at the sitter, and then planes, trains, and automobiles to Amherst!
  12. @Squidpunk Thanks so much! And what an amazing Yale story!! Sounds like you slayed. I hope you get good news soon!!
  13. @Squidpunk You are very kind. Thank you!!
  14. Flying out to my first ever MFA interview tomorrow (UMass Amherst). I'm not having a panic attack; you're having a panic attack.
  15. @Squidpunk Caffeine is your friend!! Congrats to you on all of the interviews--that's so awesome! I hope you hear all the good news very soon. @per4mance Sounds like you have a very real shot at getting a Brown callback. Best wishes!!
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