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  1. @Theater Maker congrats! So happy you got an offer from a program you're so excited about. @Penny Jar congrats on your BU offer! The collaboration between directing and playwriting students is one of many things I love about the program there. I'll PM you on here.
  2. @forestofarden so happy for you! Sorry it didn't work out with that last school, but ot definitely sounds like maybe that just wasn't the right fit after all. It's awesome that you have your decision made and are finally free to start making plans and getting excited!
  3. @Squidpunk that's amazing news about Columbia--congrats! Sendig good vibes for your Brown callback... sounds like no matter what happens, you have great options!
  4. @E. Karenina so excited for you!!!! Congratulations!
  5. @Squidpunk that's awesome that you've got such a clear idea now of which programs would really give you what you want and need. I hope you get good news from Columbia! @forestofarden there will definitely be celebrating in my near future! I hope you get good news from that top choice school, but no matter what, it sounds like you have options, which is so wonderful! @per4mance and @E. Karenina thank you! I've heard nothing but good things about their floral, and I do love the city as well. Plus, it's where my partner is from (and where his family still lives), so that's an added bo
  6. Hey, gang! My application journey has finally reached the end--I've just accepted a spot at Boston University! I'm still technically waiting for responses from two other schools where I had finalist interviews, but after visiting all three I knew in my gut that Boston was the best fit for me, so it was incredibly thrilling to get to say "yes" to their offer. It doesn't quite feel real, but it definitely feels good. I'm so eternally grateful to have had this group as a sounding board and venting-place through this crazy adventure...not knowing anyone "in real life" who could fully e
  7. This May, I'll be five years out of undergrad. I'm the cofounding artistic director of a theatre company, so I've racked up quite a few directing credits over four season with my own company. (My partner and I pretty much split the season, with a rare guest director thrown in.) I also have a couple of professional directing credits from a youth theatre where I worked during undergrad, and a couple of assistant director credits from during and after college. Just about all of the programs I applied to stayed pretty clearly that they were seeking applicants with 3-5 years of experience beyo
  8. @E. Karenina don't panic! They're super welcoming, and a lot of their process is about giving you a really good feel for the program--it's not all about them evaluating you. The lunch especially is a great chance to relax a bit, let them see your real self, and ask any and all questions you have for them. Take advantage of it! And have fun!!
  9. @Squidpunk what a ridiculously intense weekend! Best of luck to you at all three schools. @per4mance that is odd, but if you do end up with a spot at the Brown callbacks--which I hope you do--don't count yourself out! The whole point of these in person visits is so you can wow them with the aspects of you that an application can't contain!
  10. They did ask about that a bit, specifically I remember they asked me to talk through my process for a show that I felt had been a successful collaboration. They also asked some of the pretty generic ones: why grad school/why U Mass, strengths and weaknesses, etc i don't think they referenced anything specific from my resume, though.
  11. @E. Karenina fair warning, the UMass interview was the most formal-feeling I've had so far. Everyone was very kind, but it definitely didn't feel as relaxed or conversational as the others I've experienced. (Also, don't expect to make Gil smile... he's very nice but has a *serious* poker face!) Partly because of the more formal interview, the casual lunch was definitely appreciated and gives a great chance for you to ask any questions you have for them--don't be shy about it!
  12. @E. Karenina UMass interview is tomorrow, but I'm sitting in on a rehearsal tonight as well. They've been so accommodating over email; I'm excited to meet them in person.
  13. @Theater Maker that's awesome! I was thinking it was too late to expect anything from those two, so congrats on unexpected good news! I just had an amazing experience at my BU audition yesterday--I seriously contemplated kidnapping the actors I got to work with so I could bring them home with me. So talented and easy to work with! No way to know what the outcome will be, but I definitely feel good about my work there. Best of luck to all of you with interviews and auditions coming up!!
  14. @Eccyclema thanks so much! Sorry you're out for this year, but you're going to be so super prepared to attack it next year. @Squidpunk that's awesome you had such a great Columbia weekend! Best of luck with all the others coming up. @forestofarden that's amazing news! Hope it's good news from your top choice school, too! @per4mance congrats on your Brown interview! Fingers crossed for you!
  15. So excited for everyone with all these interview calls! I'm thinking it's probably safe for me to assume that zero contact means it's a "no" from UT Austin, Northwestern, and Round 2 at Yale. Bummer, but life goes on. Now I just have to open a show this Friday, fly to Massachusetts on Saturday for BU and UMass, and then plan a trip to a Seattle for UW at the end of the month. Sleep? I vaguely remember that...
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